How I travel Nepal only in 8k Including flight

1st Nov 2019

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Photo of How I travel Nepal only in 8k Including flight by Shubham Pareek

Namaskar Dosto,

My Name is Shubham and I am a travel enthusiastic person from Jaipur Rajasthan, I had done several Solo Trips to Bhutan, Sikkim, West Bengal, J&K, Leh Ladakh, Tamil Nadu, and many more places, I generally inclined towards the lord Vishnu places but sometimes I also explore the Lord Vishnu creators places.

I started my journey on Nov-19 from Jaipur for attending a friend's marriage in Patna, Bihar. when I was googling about the Patna I found Patna is very near to the Nepal Border so I decided to go to Nepal from Patna with one of my friend.

Day 1

We started our journey from Patna to Janakpur (the birthplace of Sita Mata), We took the Indo-Nepal friendship bus from the Patna Mithpur Bus stand for the same we took the advance tickets., There are only 2 buses who travel from Patna to Nepal, The bus charge 500Rs. per person, you have to submit a passport size photo and 1 identity card for getting the bus. The bus started at 10pm from the Mithpur bus stand.

Day 2

Day 2

we reached Nepal Border in the morning 5-6am, The Nepal border opens at 6am so till 6am we were waiting for the opening of the border few Nepali Policemen came in our bus and examine our all bags after the examination finally we entered in Nepal via Janakpuri border.

The bus takes around 1-2hr for reaching the Janakpuri Dham, as the road conditions were so bad it was a really bad experience at that time. So after reaching Janakpuri Dham we didn't took any guest house and went directly to a Pond where we took a holy dip in the water of Ganga Sagar, which is very near to the Main temple.

So after having a beautiful darshan of Lord Shri Ram Chandra, Lakshman Bhaiya and Sita Maiya we headed for Kathmandu, the Capital of Nepal. For reaching the Nepal we took a Micro Bus from the nearest bus stand, there were so many small buses and small tempo traveler type buses and they take

you to Kathmandu via beautiful scenery view road. The bus looks so luxurious from outside but nothing inside. The bus took 800 Nepali Rupee (500Rs. approx). You can also take a flight for Kathmandu from Janakpuri Airpot it would cost around 2500 INR.

The Janakpuri is a flat land area so it was so hot that time, but when we started the journey the atmosphere become so cool and light greenery everywhere and beautiful mountains, rivers, we reached Kathmandu around 7pm.

We rush for the Pashupatinath Temple but unfortunately, it was closed before we reach to the temple, when we were coming hopeless and planning to go back to Delhi we meet a girl who suggested us to stay at Gaushala near to Pashupati Nath Temple it is a Dharamshala, but after reaching the Gaushala the receptionist informed us that there is no room vacant, it was a dark evening and we were new to this place, but by the grace of God 3 boys who were looking to cancel the room so we give them the money and we took the room from them and finally we entered into the room and we kept our luggage there and went out for the food, you can also have the food in the Gaushala but we wanted something spicy so went to nearest Rajasthani Restaurant and had Chilly Paneer and Daal Fry best food after the so long time, and went back to the Gaushala and ended our day.

We stayed in Gaushala in only 240Rs INR.

Caution: there are so many khatmals (Cimex lectularius) in the room, I never saw and experience the Khatmals before that how we manage we know they suck whole blood and It was so bad experience that night.

Day 3

Day 3

We waked up morning 4am and took bathe in the Chilled morning with Chilled water without soap without bucket without Gate in the Bathroom, somehow we took bath and rushed to the Pashupati Nath Temple, Where we honored the Darshan of Beloved Lord Shiva, Its takes only, minutes to enter the temple there are so many other small temples also like Bhairav Nath Temple, Hanuman Temple and other small temples in the same premises. When we went there it was a dark night so we weren't able to see so many other temples and visited other places.

And we started our journey towards the home, So we took again the Micro Bus from the nearest bus point for the Sunoli border, there are around many options of flights we explore all the options of the flights finally we decided to go via Road. We took Micro Bus for the sunoli boarder the bus took 800 Nepali Rupee (500INR) and took 7hr from the Sunoli border we took another city bus for traveling to the actual border.

Sunoli border is very near to Gorakhpur, It is well connected with train and bus, Gorakhpur is famous for the Baba Gorakhnath Temple, Present CM of the Uttar Pradesh is head of the temple it is very big and famous among the Gobhakts,

So we went to Baba Gorakhnath temple from the bus stand, the local taxi took around 40Rs. The temple is a very big and beautiful temple there are multiple small temples in the premises, you can see the light show based on Lord Shiva and other demigods by paying 50Rs, ticket every night at 8pm.

Our next stoppage was Varanasi so we took the train from the Gorakhpur Station and go a seat in train by the grace of god because we were having a nonreservation ticket so train started from the Gorakhpur station at 10PM.