Kathmandu Tourism & Travel Guide

11 Days
Nepal, Kathmandu.

Escape from Kathmandu is a book by Kim Stanley Robinson, which I saw constantly while in the city...

Siren Songs
5 Days
Kathmandu at a Glance

Nepal is a country with diverse topography, culture & ethnicity. Out of 14 highest peaks in t...

7 Days
The crafty Kathmandu !

Final year of school was about to kickstart, and we wanted epicness before that. ''So ...

Sagnik Basu
4 Days
Kathmandu(Nepal): A trekker's paradise !

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the...

Alok Nanda
2 Days
Swayumbhunath Kathmandu - Peace and Serenity

It was on our visit back from Pokhara that we headed towards Swayumbhunath temple on a bright war...

Anindya Basu
4 Days
Three days in Kathmandu

As the flight from Delhi began its descend towards ‘Tribhuvan’ International Airport ...

Rachna Agnihotri

About Kathmandu

Once on a flight from Paro to Kathmandu, I had a chance to view Everest from the top. Since then I have always dreamt about going to the Everest Base Camp. But in those dreams, I was always walking with a load on my back, panting at every breath and finally standing in front of the World’s Highest peak.#bucketlist #dreams #TrektoEBC. *sigh…*But seemed like God had other plans for me, a relatively easier one.

Best Time To Visit Kathmandu

Best time to visit Kathmandu is from December to March

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