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Wake up early and enjoy an authentic breakfast at the resort, after which you can head out and explore Mandawa. Located centrally in the Shekhawati region, the traditional bastion of Marwari traders, Mandawa was an important trade-town from the 17th century until a few decades ago. The prosperity of its old residents is reflected in the gorgeous havelis they built all over the town, complete with traditional Rajasthani architecture and intricate fresco paintings depicting events from Lord Krishna’s legends and scenes from the daily life of yore. So while the trading families have moved to other parts of the country, these havelis, temples and castles still stand testimony to the past era, captivating travelers from India and abroad alike. In fact, the fresco art, a style of mural painting done on directly on fresh plaster, is so visible on the buildings here that Mandawa is often referred to as the biggest open art gallery in the world.

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