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Our Route Darjeeling -> Sikkim - Gangtok -> Mangan -> Lachen -> Gurudongmar-> Lachen -> Lachung -> Yumthang -> Yumsodam -> Lachung-> Mangan -> Siliguri -> Guwahati -> Shillong -> Cherapunjee -> Guwahati -> Jalpeguri -> Bangalore....

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Mayal Lang Homestay

Settled amongst the trees is Mayal Lyang, a lovely house for a homestay. Mayal Lyang implies the 'Concealed Land' or 'Area favored by God' in the Lepcha dialect. A little stroll around the spot will disclose why we decided to call it so. Untouched by the traveler hustle clamor, this spot has shrouded fortunes behind each tree. Life here moves at its own particular pace. They will treat you like an augmented individual from the crew. The family you are living with would take you into their home and treat you like your relative. There is no less than one individual from the family who can communicate in English so if there is anything you have to request, you can do as such and make sure of an answer. They will go up against your visits around the wide open and acquaint you with their relatives and companions. They will reveal to all of you the excellence spots and clarify in detail every last plant and what its capacity is.
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About Mangan

As it was now constantly pouring so we started back for Mangan in rain itself. The roads were very slippery so we rode very slow and reached back to Mangan in almost double the time than what we had taken while coming. At Mangan, we refilled our bikes and had food at the same place. This time we took a diversion for Siliguri from Mangan so that we didn’t have to go all the way to Gangtok and then to Siliguri. This road was apparently much nicer albeit longer than the road from Gangtok to Mangan via which we had come. This diversion for the road can be easily found as there is a board for the same.

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