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McLeodganj Rd

My first stop was the little town of McLeod Ganj, which is situated at a little under 7000 feet. The first sights to embrace me were the immense number of foreign nationals present and the exceeding influence of cultural handicraft in and around the town. The headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile are situated in McLeod Ganj, which was the cause for a lot of Tibetans around. I chose to spend the day scouting the streets and devouring the many delicacies available. I decided to spend the next day at the Namgyal Monastery and the Tibet Museum to broaden my knowledge and outlook towards Tibetan and Buddhists. Namgyal Monastery is reachable by taxi. The structure dates its construction back to 1575 and having maintained its red top like original, the monastery has only aged gracefully with time. After having spent some time at the monastery chatting up the monks who were more than happy to narrate tales of the Dalai Lama and other historical happenings, we moved to visit the museum in the Tsuglag Khang Complex. Apart from the museum, the location comprised of many shops from where you could buy a lot of ethnic Tibetan things.
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Dharamkot Inn

As we refuelled for the day ahead, we made bookings at one Kalsang Guest House, located a short walk away from the junction and uncountable, shortness-of-breath-inducing steps up the Dharamkot road. The rooms were kinda spartan, but clean and dirt cheap (like unimaginably cheap), so we were happy. The best part, however, was the balcony in front of our room that offered a great view of the entire town.
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About McLeod Ganj

Barely 4 km away from Dharamshala by foot, the hill station of McLeod Ganj is home to many majestic monasteries, delicious smelling kitchen cafes, video rental shops, western food cafes, trekking companies and wall to wall stores selling Tibetan souvenirs and many more goodies. Also known as Little Lhasa and the abode of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual influence and its mystical green hills mark McLeod Ganj as a significant tourist destination and a major traveller hang-out in the Kangra Valley. A 5-minute walk south of this town will take one to the Tsuglagkhang Complex, which comprises the official residence of the 14th Dalai Lama, vibrant monasteries with beautiful murals and even a bookshop cafe that goes by the name of Namgyal Gompa. Tourist activity after monsoon picks up, after October, with February March being pleasant months to visit the hill station to witness the Losar Festival or the Tibetan New Year being celebrated. This compact sized town is best explored and enjoyed by walking or trekking. Intriguing short walks around Mcleod Ganj include one that goes 2km east to Bhagsu which leads one to a waterfall and a temple. The most well-known trek, 8 km starting from the town, is to Triund, a snow-flanked and serene camping spot from which one can also travel 5 km ahead to reach a charming little forest rest house. With many many hipster eateries, the food here is some of the best you'll find at any mountain destination.

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Best time to visit McLeod Ganj is from March to June
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