Top 5 Things to Do in Tirthan Valley

If you want to feel the solitude you must visit this place. The feel of Himalayas was there in ev...

Panki Sood
1 Day
Napa Valley Wine Train

      Wining on the Rails   After a couple of days of touring Napa Valle...

Matthew Graham
In and around San Francisco - Blog of the Things

San Francisco, home to hippies, techies, and incredible food, was without a doubt the most pictur...

Blog of the Things
Har-ki-dun : THAT Valley!!!!!

Life has its way of throwing little seredipitious treats at us, every once in while.When my siste...

Karishma Mayur
SPITI VALLEY : Land of Lamas, Land of Mysteries, Land of  Adventures

      SPITI VALLEY : Land of Lamas, Land of Mysteries, Land of Himalayan Adventure...

Dnyaneshree Manjure
Trek to Hot Water Spring in KheerGanga - Parvati Valley

Kheerganga, a meadow where Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 years. It is one such plac...


Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
US Highway 160 & US Hwy 163, Monument Valley, UT 8453
Navajo Jewelry and Design
Sjc 421 d8, Welcome Center Road, Monument Valley, UT 8453
Wildcat Trail
Off UT-163, Monument Valley National Park, Monument Valley, UT 8453
Goulding’s Trading Post Museum.
1000 Main Street Monument Valley, Monument Valley, UT 8453
Monument Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides- CLOSED
US-163, On the Arizona-Utah border, The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Monument Valley, UT 8453

Known for its spiritual energy, Sedona in Arizona, USA is home to many shamans, reiki healers, and psychics. If you love hiking, star gazing and getting as close to nature as possible then Sedona is just the place for you.This post was originally published on Travel Wkly.
Day 9: Moab, UT — A 3 hour smooth ride south-east from Salt Lake City will get you to a place which lies atop a salt bed, believe it or not, which was the result of a sea evaporating over which sandstone was deposited giving it’s famous rusty red color. The beautiful Arches National Park. I don’t know if it sounds strange but US-191 is actually built on Moab Fault. ON a tectonic fault! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that!
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon, UtahThis collection of large natural amphitheaters is famous for its hoodoos, geological structures formed by frost weather and stream erosion. The orange, red, and white rocks are a beautiful sight and only roughly 50 miles from Zion National Park.
Monument Valley

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