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The most gorgeous place i went to was this below Necropolis- A must visit The most gorgeous building is the University of Glasgow Second time to Edinburgh 4 DAYS of absolute maddness Edinburgh- Castle Royal Mile...

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Next day I immersed myself in paintings at Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow School of Art and the Mackintosh House, but frankly Glasgow was a bit of a disappointment, maybe because the city lacks a distinct flavour....

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The family of Homes raises children from adolescence through their teenage years, int their adulthood by the process of taking them along the channel of anursery Lucia king, kindergarten Queen Elizabeth Kindergarten School, Junior Section, Senior Section and, if required,employment. The Homes helps to achieve their aim of providing young people with the opportunity to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and ultimately responsible citizens. O.G.B.s(an acronym popularly used for alumni of Dr Graham’s Homes), Who continue or return to serve the Homes are given the privilege of being called Grahamites and the rest as O.G.B.s. The school encompasses an area of 400 acres 
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Spreading out from the River Spey it is one of the principal whisky producing regions of Scotland and one of the most prettiest places. With the maximum number of distilleries located in this part of Scotland- it’s best to hire a car for the day and make your way through the distilleries, do ensure that you entrust at teetotaler as the designated driver though!
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We are up and ready to catch our train to Glasgow at 6.45am. It's about 4 hours journey from Inverness to Glasgow, the train was on time and we reach Glasgow around 11am. Glasgow is one of the biggest industrial town of Britain, it's got the characteristic of any other city, so i would not say there is anything special about Glasgow. There are some monuments and heritage structures which can be explored and as always we preferred to walk around the city to explore these sites.We reached a open garden and it started raining here, it wasn't surprising, as in Britain it can rain anytime round the year, so it is suggested to carry windsheaters with you, for us this was the only time it rained. We took shelter under a big tree and me and Wifey took out our beer cans and started sipping on some beer. When it stopped drizzling, we walked ahead and reached a beautiful museum, which showcased the absolute history of Glasgow. It was quite a good experience knowing the city so well.After the museum we walked through the market of Glasgow and finally we decided to reach the train station as we had a train to catch to go to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Trains leave at an interval of every 15 minutes from Glasgow to Edinburgh. We reached Edinburgh at around 2.30 in the afternoon, we were not really very hungry so we decided to pick up some sandwiches to eat. It was suggested by friends to explore Edinburgh, so we decided to take this special city tour bus. We paid 20 Pounds per person for this double-decker city tour bus which had open roof tops and it takes you on a 1 hour city tour with a recorded voice talking to you about the monument or place you are passing through.

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