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2 Days
Cycling Along the River Adda in Lombardy

Cycling holidays in Italy are easy to plan as there are many well-maintained routes, es...

4 Days
LongWeekend in Beautiful Paris- my 9 yrs old and I

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Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, with beautiful Lake Zürich and many other architectural wonders. Fifa World Museum is located right here for football fans. I rather chose to scroll through Toy Museum. If you want to see how toys looked like 300 years ago, just spare some time for it. Quite fascinated with these preserves I decided to pay a visit to a church nearby, and the architecture and carvings were marvellous.
Food and wine, and everything fine – Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance Movement. Hence, there is no dearth of world-class art, history and tradition in this little town. Its narrow cobbled pathways are reminiscent of romantic Italian movies of the yore, and are perfect for aimless evening strolls with your loved one. Don't be surprised if you come across architectural masterpieces around every corner though, the town is replete with medieval chapels and museums all over. Florence is also famous for its hyper-stylish indigenous fashion being the hometown of world-renowned designers such as Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo, you'd find family-run boutiques everywhere.Free things to do while here: San Miniato Al Monte is an eerie but gorgeous church about Piazzale Michelangelo which you should visit. Take a stroll at Piazza Della Signoria and enjoy the collection of sculptures in the arcade nearby; there are also plenty of great roadside restaurants where you can sit and people-watch. However ridiculous it may sound, but you can also take a free walking tour of Florence; many guides just want to share their adoration of the gorgeous city with others and hence organise walking tours without charging anything.Where to eat: Here are the three cheap but outstanding places to eat in Florence: 1. SandwiChic at Via San Gallo, 2. Panini Toscani at Piazza del Duomo, 3. I' Girone De' Ghiotti at Via dei Cimatori. All three serve vegetarian food as well.Where to stay: What makes Florence a must-visit is its gorgeous yet affordable stays. Here is one fantastic option.

About Paderno D'adda

You will see some industrial works of hydraulic engineering that were conceived by Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, the Adda is often called “Leonardo’s river” and there is an open air “Ecomuseum Adda di Leonardo” which shows the impressive contributions of the Renaissance polymath, who helped to make the rivers in the area navigable. Along the way you will encounter many stunning examples of the 19th century industrial architecture. Among them the remarkable iron bridge of Paderno built in 1889 without any soldering, all in one span. It connects Paderno and Calusco d’Adda by a road and railway, at 80 meters above the river level.
Paderno D'adda

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