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This is a small village town in the Bijapur District located just on the banks of the Malaprabha River. This is where you get the real essence of the Chalukya Empire through their beautiful art and sculpting styles. The Chalukyas were known both for empire building and as patrons of art and architecture and this is very much visible in the Pattadakal complex. This is mainly a pilgrimage side and the largest and most important temple is the Sangameshwara Temple. This was built by Vijayaditya Satyasraya in the 7th century. The other temples here are the Kadasiddheshvara, Jambulingeshwara, Galaganatha, Kasivisveswara, Mallikarjuna and the Virupaksha Temple. Many of the later temples were also built by Rashtrakuta rulers. The main types of paintings used in most of the Chalukya temples are the Rekha, Nagara, Prasada and Dravida Vimana styles of temple painting.
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
2 Days
A thousand years solo journey in three days: Day 2: Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole

idol of chamunda killing demontemple complex in pattadakalBadamiOn the second day after visiting ...

Kishore Singh Fartiyal
4 Days
Bijapur, Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole and Hampi- SOLO

A solitary Walk through Heritages of Karnataka - Part 1 The feeling that traveling bestows, lies...

Ajit Mishra
4 Days
Architechtural Marvels - Hampi Badami Aihole Pattadakal

MUMBAI HAMPI BADAMI AIHOLE PATTADAKAL I have travelled to a lot of states in India, but it was K...

mandar kurghode
2500 kms of Road Trippin’ through Bijapur -Badami- Aihole-Pattadakal-Hampi-Goa from Mumbai

The idea for this 2500 km of history, nature & leisure road trip originated when my husband a...

Sunita GR
1 Day
Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami

This was another early morning for all of us.. After a tasty heavy breakfast at Royal Orchid, we ...

Rutuja Patil
2 Days
Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole - Legacy of Chalukya Empire

Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole are three historic places which is in northern Part of Karnataka (B...

Kaushik Rao

Jain Temple Pattadakal
Pattadakal-Badami Road, Pattadakal
This is a ruined, World Heritage Site as declred by the UNESCO. It is situated on the left banks of the River Malaprabha...
Galganatha Temple
North Part Of Virupaksha, Pattadakal
Papanatha Temple
24 Km from Badami Railway Station, Pattadakal
Sangameshvara Temple
Near Aihole, Pattadakal

This is the capital of the state of Goa and is probably the smallest state capital. Panaji is also the headquarters of t...
I ordered a pint of beer with chicken salad. As I went alone there, the waiters of that place came to me to have a chit-...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
Hampi (Hampe) is a village and temple town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as the Group of Monuments ...
Best time to visit - February,March,April,May,June,July
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Best time to visit - N/A
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