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This is a small village town in the Bijapur District located just on the banks of the Malaprabha River. This is where you get the real essence of the Chalukya Empire through their beautiful art and sculpting styles. The Chalukyas were known both for empire building and as patrons of art and architecture and this is very much visible in the Pattadakal complex. This is mainly a pilgrimage side and the largest and most important temple is the Sangameshwara Temple. This was built by Vijayaditya Satyasraya in the 7th century. The other temples here are the Kadasiddheshvara, Jambulingeshwara, Galaganatha, Kasivisveswara, Mallikarjuna and the Virupaksha Temple. Many of the later temples were also built by Rashtrakuta rulers. The main types of paintings used in most of the Chalukya temples are the Rekha, Nagara, Prasada and Dravida Vimana styles of temple painting.
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Sangameshwar Temple pattadakal temple complex Galagnath temple in Nagari style Aihole I visited in the temples of Pattadakal for almost 1 hour....

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Whatever pattadakal is famous for, resides in this site....

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Pattadakal-Badami Road, Pattadakal
This is a ruined, World Heritage Site as declred by the UNESCO. It is situated on the left banks of the River Malaprabha and is in the District Bagalkot. Another name for this place is Pattadakalu and this is a very popular tourist attraction. This place was ruled by the Chalukya Dynasty and this was the Golden Era for this town. This was when art and cultured flourished here like never again and here evolved a fine blend of the South and North Indian forms of Art. They built as many as 9 Hindu Temples and then 1 Jain Temple. The best among all is the Virupaksha Temple which was a gift of honour by Queen Lokamahadevi to her husband to mark his victory over the kings of Southern India.
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State Highway 14, Pattadakal, Bagalkot, Pattadakal, Karnataka 587201, India
I set off for Pattadakal through narrow village roads and was glad to share my ride with locals wanting to visit neighboring villages. Pattadakal is different from Badami. While Badami’s hallmark are its caves and sculptures, Pattadakal is a big complex housing several temples built with exquisite carvings on the outside. While inner pillars also have various mythological scenes, it is the external beauty of the temple tops and the external walls that demand greater attention.
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