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Pemayangtse Monastery....

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Just when I reached the point where the monastery should have been, I noticed that Dhankar monastery is at another mountain!...

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Top Places To Visit in Pemayangtse Monastery 65 Spots

Phalut, Singalila Forest, West Bengal 734201
1. Gorkhey to Phalut Trek
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Temi Tea Gaeden, Tarku-Damthang Road, SK, India
The Temi Tea Garden set up in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim spreads over an area of 440 acres. The greenery enclosure lies in the middle of Damthang and Temi Bazaar along the road to Singtam.The tea delivered here is appreciated worldwide, commanding high prices in world auctions. The government possessed Tea estate today creates around 1 lakh kg of tea every year. Temi tea is planted along steep slopes running from 1200-1800m. The production line is arranged at 1500m and the street upto it, is lined with cherry bloom trees. Driving in November when these trees are in blossom is similar to traveling through a pink fog past, which one can see the sparkling snows of Khangchendzonga.The drive upto Temi takes you through mountain sides rich with greeneries. As of late the Institute of Marketology (IMO) of Switzerland has certified this tea garden as organic and thus the quality and interest of this guaranteed item has increased rapidly.
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Weekend Getaways from Pemayangtse Monastery 

Day 6, going Back to Kathmandu-ThamelHeading to the Bus Terminal in the early morning and going back to Kathmandu city with again 7 hour ride on the Bus..reach the Hotel at Thamel distric, this time I booked the hotel near the garden you should visit if you reach Kathmandu City.. it is Garden Of DreamsGarden of Dream , it was created in 1920, with 6 pavilions, fountain landscape,its design with europeans Gardens, really enjoying the view, you can sitting there relaxing with doing some activity like reading books, or taking some pictures ,you can visit the Museum ,and also you can sitting in the restourant inside enjoyig the coffee or some meals.

About Pemayangtse Monastery

The wake up eye catch of Kanchenjunga range made my day. A broad smile and fresh breeze refreshing my mind. It was a wonderful moment of having a morning tea in my life. After having my breakfast I started my days exploration. My first destination was Rabdentse ruins. It was at a distance of about 6-7 km from my hotel. I decided to trek to it. I packed my daypack with snacks, chocolates, water and raincoat. I managed to get a local map from there and continued to ruins following my map. After a 30 min trek I reached the entrance of the ruins. There was no ticket collection centre nor boards. The place was deserted and scary. The entrance was well inside a forest. After walking few steps I met few people working there. I enquired with them the road to ruins and they showed me a lonely path leads to ruins. They told its approx 1km from here. After trekking few 100 metres I was in doubt whether am following the right path. Because there was no humans around nor any clearings or footprints. It looked like the path was not used for months fully covered with dry leaves. Now I was all alone well inside a dense forest. I was not having even a knife. After a 30 min trek finally I reached the entrance. The view was splendid. I was alone in the whole ancient capital of Sikkim. I spend almost an hour and half there exploring each and every corner. Finishing my visit to ruins I headed toward Pemayangtse Monastery. On my way I spotted some chortens. After a uphill climb I reached Pemayangtse Monastery. It is the third oldest monastery in Sikkim established almost 300 years ago in 1705. Its history was impressive. The Sangtok-Palri inside the monastery is an extraordinary masterpiece. A 3-D wooden structure of the God's celestial city. The whole structure has been put together by wooden joint, not a single nails has been used for its construction. Trekking back I reached my hotel by noon and had my lunch. After a short nap I headed towards Sanga Choling. Sanga Choling is situated on the other side of Pelling which requires a moderate trek to a hill top. I had carried sufficient energy bars and water with me. From the top of the mountain I was able to get the view of Buddha park at Ravangla which made me feel more happy. The Sanga Choling means 'The Place of Secret Spell'. It is the oldest monastery in Sikkim. There are usually four 'Kings of the Quarters', who guard the universe against the outer demons. Exploring the oldest monastery it took an hour for me and enjoying the beautiful landscape by side it started getting dark. I started my trek back at 1745 hrs and reached my hotel by 1830 hrs. Had a great dinner I headed to bed. DAY 6 - 14: GOECHA LA EXPEDITION
Pemayangtse Monastery

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