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Pithoragarh Reviews

Pithoragarh Reviews

An area of exquisite natural beauty and serenity, Pithoragarh is also popularly called 'Little Kashmir'. This charming city with its fascinating forests is placed at a formidable height of 645 m and provides a gateway to the Himalayas. The pristine town of Munsiyari can easily be deemed as a nature lover's paradise. Its wildflowers and serene lakes are an ideal place to relax and unwind. If you like an action packed holiday, though, this may get slightly boring for you. If adventure sports is your thing, Chandak is the place for you. It provides the opportunity to try a hand at trekking and hand gliding as well. Nestled in the midst of raw natural beauty is the Narayan Ashram of Pithoragarh, which is a structure of great importance to the local community. Not only does it serve as an educational and training centre, but this structure also has a meditation room and library. Indulge in this region's natural beauty at the Askot Sanctuary, which has a rich treasure of lush flora and indigenous fauna. Pithoragarh, although a small town, has a good number of hotels and guest houses to match the travellers' varied taste and one can easily find accommodation here within their budgets. Local eateries here, although minimal in number, provide a distinctive experience of the local cuisine. A town hidden away from the modern city life, Pithoragarh is a serene experience.
As you travel upwards towards Pithoragarh, towards the Indo-Nepal border the mountains become larger, the road narrower and traffic scant. You'll cross small Kumaoni villages, with small houses with blue windows and doors. Pithoragarh itself is a small town nestled in the valley under the shadow of the Panchachuli range. Apart from the Pithoragarh Fort built by the Gorkhas in the 18th-19th century, you'll have plenty of walks. The walk to Chandak which is roughly 8 or so KMs away is well worth the stunning views! There are cheap hotels, but at the price, the KMVN Ulka Devi Rest House has by far the best location!
Karandeep Mehra

Pithoragarh is a town with a Municipal Board in the Pithoragarh district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, which was carved out of the Almora district in 1960.

Majestic town- Pithoragarh

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Salim Islam

Arjuneswar Temple
11 Km From Pithoragarh, Pithoragarh
Haat Kalika Temple
Gangolihaat, 10 Km From Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Pithoragarh
Mostamanu Temple
Pithoragarh 262501
Askot Sanctuary
Jauljibi, Near Kalapani Hill, Pithoragarh
Dhwaj Temple
10 Km From Pithoragarh, Pithoragarh
PO Tripuradevi, via Berinag, Kumaon, Pithoragarh 262531

Best time to visit - March,April,May,October,November
Dehradun is easily one of the most popular hill stations in India. Though easily accessible by all modes of transportation, taking the road would be the best way to experience this heaven. The drive will take you through dense forests on the hilly road and if you're lucky, you might even see a wild elephant or leopard pass you by. The fresh and dewy hill air will infiltrate your lungs and put you in a great mood right away. In terms of things to see, there is Robber's Cave, a river cave formation and Sahashtradhara, which is also a stunning sight of nature consisting of sulphur springs. But more than its sights, Dehradun is the perfect place for a family getaway. After all it has everything that you could need for a relaxing holiday. The town has many vintage bookshops (Natraj Publishers, The English Book Depot), college campuses with hilly backdrops, architectural marvels (such as the Forest Research Institute), alleys filled with quaint restaurants, adventure sports gear shops and forest resorts and hotels to fit every budget. Vishranti, a resort tucked away discreetly in the Sal forests of the Doon valley, deserves a special mention for its beauty and luxury. The city is a haven for foodies as Dehradun offers a lot of variety and affordability in its cuisine. Restaurants and cafes such as Doon Darbar, renowned for devour-worthy Mughlai dishes and The Buffet for its mouthwatering burgers, cutlets and coffee, are popular options.
Best time to visit - April,May,June,July
Scenic and serene, Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh is perhaps one of the most unexplored places in Himachal. Passing through serpentine roads, refreshing, lush greenery, the district is a delight to explore. Though travellers looking to enjoy a luxurious holiday may not have a great time here. Kalpa is the first village that greets you when you enter Kinnaur. Reckong Peo, Nako and Sangla Valley are some of the villages and valleys that make up Kinnaur district. A journey to Kinnaur is marked with adventure and also an unpredictability that comes from travelling so high up in the mountains. The people in all the villages are very warm and welcoming and are open to sharing their way of life with travellers. Do plan a long trip here, since Kinnaur district can easily take up to 2 weeks and it's best not to hurry your way through this spellbinding valley.
Best time to visit - February,March,April,May,June,October,November
Located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Northern India. The stunning Nainital lake is bang in the middle of the city and offers tourists stunning sunsets and enchanting sunrises. One legend says that Nainital derives its name from the Goddess Naina, whereas another legend claims that once when the Goddess Sati was being carried by Lord Shiva, her eye fell in the area. The lovely hill station promises a rejuvenating weekend break for those who are coming from the capital city and is definitely worth a visit. Like most hill stations, Nainital has a bustling mall road, warm cafes and a very busy Tibet market. The mall road houses shops selling candles with intricate designs, wooden knick knacks and colourful woollens. Do bring back some souvenirs as keepsakes! If you have time, do visit Sattal, Naukuchiatal (for paragliding and kayaking) as well as Ranikhet for its surreal beauty. If you are looking for a quiet, carefree holiday, visit between the months of January and April. It'll be cold, but there won't be any crowd.
Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,August,September,October,November,December
A quick getaway destination for Delhi-NCR residents, Mussoorie or the 'Queen of Hills' is the most favoured place for anyone battling urban heat. It remains quite crowded from May to July, as popular hotels and hangouts such as Mall Road, Mussoorie Lake, Kempty Falls and Gun Hill remain pervaded with tourists no matter where or what you may set your eyes upon. But if you carry the spirit of an explorer within you, Mussoorie can surprise you in many ways. For instance, if you curious to check out where the man who Mt. Everest is named after, once lived, you can reach the house and laboratory through a picturesque 4 km walk from Library Bazaar or Gandhi Chowk. Ditch the customary visit to Kempty Falls and take an uplifting trek to the quiet, serene and crystal clear Jharipani Falls instead. Mussoorie, when mist free, provides frame-worthy views of the Himalayan ranges, which can be enjoyed at points such as Lal Tibba, Nag Tibba and Camel Back Road, all of which need to be trekked or walked to, with the effort being worthwhile. Devalsari, a village quietly burrowed 55 km away from Mussoorie, is the gateway to the Nag Tibba trek and a location perfect for seeing beautiful butterflies and birds in the heart of nature. For those curious to delve into Himalayan life, history, art, culture and spirituality, Soham Heritage and Art Centre gives exquisite displays of the former, through various artefacts. As for foodies, restaurants such as Neelam, Imperial Square, Meeting Point Cafe and Casa Mia bakery do justice to North Indian, European and Tibetan cuisines and also offer delicious cafe knick knacks and drinks.
Best time to visit - March,April,September,October,November
This city has been a refuge for spiritual seekers long before The Beatles christened it with their visit in the 60's. Widely known as the pilgrimage town and also the 'yoga capital of the world', Rishikesh is home to myriad temples, yoga and meditation centres and a plethora of adventure activities. With an interesting backdrop of the rapid flowing Ganges river and iron-made suspension bridges (Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula), the city has also been a popular hub for travellers and backpackers alike. When it comes to food and drinks, Rishikesh remains a strict teetotaller and a vegetarian, even though you might find with great exploratory skills, a few restaurants not adhering to the prohibition. Some great restaurants and cafes include Little Buddha Cafe where you can enjoy your meals in a treehouse-style ambience. Rishikesh provides a spectacular treat to the eyes and music to the ears during sunrise and sunset, as sadhus (priests), pilgrims and tourists all around, prepare for the routine 'Ganga Aarti' with temple bells resonating all around and innumerable diyas or small clay pot lit lamps dancing over the river Ganga to that reverberating music, as religious offerings. Rishikesh warmly welcomes thrill seekers, who can try out a number of activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, zip lining, mountain biking and rappelling. The city also annually hosts the International Yoga Festival where yoga gurus, aficionados and devotees from around the globe throng the place (popularly the Parmarth Niketan Ashram) and give various lessons and lectures on yoga, meditation and spirituality.
Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,October,November,December
An ancient holy town and the starting point for pilgrimages to the Kedarnath Temple and the Badrinath Temple, Haridwar is the first recipient of the mighty rapid and revered Ganges, originating from the Gangotri Glacier. Its vast mythological background, beautiful temples (Shanti Kunj Gayatri Parivar), spectacular festival celebrations and the world famous Kumbh Mela (hosted every 12 years) make it a popular destination to be visited from around the world. Haridwar comes alive during sunset, when the evening aarti (ritual of worship) starts at Har Ki Pauri, a ghat (steps leading to a river) and the main attraction of the town where both the Ganga banks are lit up with floating claypot candles and chants of devotees and priests resonate musically throughout the town. The religious city serves no alcohol anywhere and restaurants are strictly vegetarian too, some well known ones being, Big Ben Restaurant, Chotiwala and the Haveli Hari Ganga Restaurant.

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