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Munsyari is placed in Pithoragarh, the east hill district of Uttarakhand. The region could be a paradise for the character lovers and daring souls. One includes a breathless read of the mountain range peak, Panchchuli from here. Munsyari is that the base for the trekkers to Milam and Ralam Glaciers and Nanda Devi peak.A quick developing centre for athletics and alternative winter sports, Munsyari could be a fairly massive & developed mountain range administrative district at associate degree altitude of 2,298 m. occupied by the Shauka tribes from yesteryear. Munsyari, is at the bottom of the good mountain range chain, and could be a place to begin of assorted treks into the inside of the Himalayas. It's a quick growing traveler destination. Munsyari conjointly falls on the traditional 'salt route' from Tibet and is that the entrance of the Johar natural depression that extends on the trail of the Goriganga stream to its supply at Milam ice mass.
The place full of shades.????
Anurag Mishra
We woke up early in the morning waiting for the sunrise which is Rare in Monsoon but we weren't lucky enough to get that.We packed up or Luggage,Geared up for scary Roads that starts from Bageshwar.We started at 8 in morning ,had breakfast in Bageshwar as we know we wouldn't be getting anything or Anyone till next 6 hours (Google maps showing 4).Our initial plan was to Reach till Munsyari but we can clearly see from Bageshwar the amount of clouds munsyari was surrounded with.We have two routes from Bageshwar to Munsyari 1) Difficult but scenic Shama kapkote tejam birthi munsyari route2) Easy and less populated Chaukori thal tejam munsyari route.We decided to go via Shama and return Via chaukori.After we had cover 30-40 KM from Bageshwar we got a call from Hotel that i had left my Raincoat there,a terrible decision of mine was to collect it while returning from Munsyari.So we made our ways through first routes seeing Valley,Crossing Voilent Rivers,Dense forest,over fifty watercrossings ,Waterfalls and fresh Landslides.You can follow me on Insta @corporate_ghumkkad for Videos of those routes.So coming back to point we reached Tejam at about 1 PM  and were fully exhausted as well as scared to see the clouds and landslides enroute just supposing we got trapped at some lonely place. We called our homestay owner in Munsyari and he also suggested not to come to hill top. We decided to go till birthi fall( Just 35 KM from Munsyari) and Return to Chaukori by evening.We Reached Birthi at 2PM ,stayed there for 1.5 hours and started to Chaukori for night stay.Glimpse of Day 3:
Praveen Sati
Palak Doshi
Enchanting beauty and raw natural surroundings, have given it the title of “Little Kashmir“. A small town at the base of the Himalayas, Munsyari’s name literally translates to being “a place full of snow”.
Shashank Jain
In June, we went to Munsiyari, Uttarakhand, which is a narrow and dangerous Himalayan road. As we climb up the kumaon ranges, roads get narrow and dangerous, many times without any barriers. There is a steep fall down the mountain and driving on it keeps you on the edge of your seat.Things to keep in mind on such roads:1. Drive slowly and patiently. Any mistake on such roads can be life threatening.2. Blow horn on each turn to ensure anyone coming from the other side knows about your presence. 3. Have at least co-passenger who can be a spotter when required and give you idea about the other side of the road. Driving alone, if you are not experience can be dangerous. 4. Don't show ego while giving space for other vehicles to pass. You may have to reverse your vehicle considerable distance to let coming vehicles pass.5. Don't blow horn unnecessarily to trucks and buses for side. They will let you pass when there is space.Special mention of the brave HRTC bus and truck drivers who drive on these roads on a daily basis.