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There are mainly 4 major cities of Morocco, Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier and Marrakech. These four cities are the hub of tourists, business and night life. Rabat, being the capital, has beautiful places to visit such as the Hassan towers. It is a mosque which has been left unfinished. If you visit the mosque in the evening, it is surrounded by water fountains and families come there for a stroll. The flooring is also made out of marble so in the evening it cools down. One of the other beautiful places to visit is the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. The mausoleum is always guarded no matter what time of the day, the place is beautifully crafted with traditional designs. The tourists are not allowed to see the tomb closely, there is an arena from which you can see the tomb. The tourists only get the top view of it. There is a door near the tomb but it is only accessible to the royal family. There is a local market known as, Medina. It is a gigantic market, whatever one needs, one will get it there. One will get beautiful souvenirs, spices, and many other things. It is a must visit for shopping purposes.

Best Time To Visit Rabat

Best time to visit Rabat is from February to May and from September to October

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