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Once the capital of the Magadha Empire which later evolved to become the Mayryan Empire, Rajgir is a valley surrounded by hills. This is a very important seat of Buddhist worship in Nalanda, Bihar. Hinduism and Jainism are also practised by many out here. Rajgir, earlier known as Rajagriha or the King's home is also known to be a winter health retreat. This is because of the number of pools and natural springs here filled with warm water which have therapeutic values and goo for healing many bone and skin diseases too. The Buddha Temple here is also encompassed with a monastery and is a popular place for meditation. The white colour is a symbol of peace and the gold colour used for the spire of the temple is to show eternity and good taste. The Buddha idol inside has some magic in it that you want to keep on looking at it. The typical peaceful atmosphere of a Buddhist Temple is also found here and this is the prime attraction of this town.

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Nalanda is just 14 km away from Rajgir and regular buses run between the two towns....

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It's in Rajgir, Bihar....

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Nr. Nalanda, Rajgir
National Highway 82, Rajgir, Bihar 803116, India
The photography attempt delayed me further and it was only at 10:30 am that I could board a bus to Rajgir from Manpur bus stand in Gaya. I reached Rajgir around 1:00 pm and immediately took a bus to Nalanda to visit the the Nalanda University ruins and the Nalanda museum. Nalanda is just 14 km away from Rajgir and regular buses run between the two towns. The bus will leave you on the main road and from there tongas, also called ‘tum tum’, as well as rickshaws are available to reach the university ruins. The Hsuan Tsang memorial built by the Chinese government falls on the same road, few kilometers after the ruins.
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One of the most colourful and indiscreet cities of India, Varanasi is one of the seven holiest cities for the Hindus. Also known as Kashi and Benaras, this place is known for its temples, ghats and the colourful people. The narrow alleys and crowded streets seem to be extremely blissful in spite of all the noise and chaos all around. People come here just to take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. Varanasi is also known as Uttar Kashi and is situated on the western banks of the Ganges. It is said that a dip in this river frees one from a lifetime of sins. People even say that death here is auspicious as people attain moksha if they die here. Some people also come here tp creamate their loved ones and the sound of the holy temple bells are really soothing music to the ears.


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