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Here is our list of top monsoon destination for you JOG FALLS Joga Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in India located near Sagara taluk in the state of Karnataka....

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Motorcycle touring is one of of the top most routinely done activities in the western world....

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Top Places To Visit in Sagara 3 Spots

7 Kilometers from Sagara Town, Sagara
Balligavi Village, SH-01, Sagara

About Sagara

The road on the way back from the bridge was quite a sorrow story,as now we had reached the farthest part of the journey. The rest were all the checkpoints on the way back home. We had our breakfast amidst a bunch of traveller’s at UDUPI restaurant ,Karwar. The breakfast was good with a lot of people looking at us and our bikes which made us quite happy. We had a pit-stop at kumta where we ate like 5-6 oranges together and gathered vital information of deviations to be taken to reach Sagara(Town,shimoga district)While some blamed the wildlife others blamed the bad roads and asked us to take deviation at Honnavara to reach JOG and further reach Sagara. The roads from here are beautiful, Ghat roads and large trees offering dense shades.The vegetation up the western ghats changes gradually when on reaches the plateaus.Plenty of buttermilk saved our butts from getting fried. We stopped at Sagara to have lunch at a local restaurant. The food was decent enough to just satisfy our hunger and light enough to keep us going.

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