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we reached Sari in evening and there was small village festival where a marriage of Nandadevi was going on and it was beautiful to become a part of traditions you are not aware of and become involve in them and become a part of them even for a few moments.... We had a little introduction and everyone seems so nice. I love this about trekking. You get the best of people when you are in such a divine and pure atmosphere away from all the noise and chaos of city and let’s be honest sometimes the people you know. So i feel nice to spend a week in between strangers and some of them may turn out to be great and you would love to have their acquaintance and you get to know that people share what you feel at that moment in that mountains. And your frequency matches...Anyways I am here more waiting...mountains here i come to be with you for a few days from my life and forget everything else...We started next day from Sari walking and even though I thought it will be easy, acclimatisation was happening and heavy breathing started and as usual I knew I was going to be last...beautiful meadows and beautiful green trails were there all was an October so there wasn't much cold. Atmosphere was so much pleasant and air was so doubt God has the best purifier and without any manufacturing defects if only we knew how to maintain it... The sins of city haven’t reached here yet and it was untouched by every impurity there is!! everything from people to nature...i don't want to jinx it but I think I might...We were walking and joking and having fun and taking pictures and admiring beauty of picturesque canvas god has painted.after walking about 4 km there we were. The Deoariatal Lake the name derived from Devi means goddess and Tal means lake. Chawkhambha mountain shadowing himself into the green water of Deoriatal lake and it was amazing view.

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