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Seville Cathedral

First, the Cathedral (or known as Catedral) stands on the site of a former mosque dating back to the 12th century. When you get there, you will first see a courtyard known as Patio de los Naranjos. Here, in keeping with religious practices, Muslims would wash their hands and feet in the fountain found here before praying. As you will also notice around Seville, plus get a scent of, orange blossom trees are lined up within this space. Consecrated as a cathedral in the mid-1200s, the area would be reconstructed as a Gothic church over the course of about a century, with works of art in its ornate chapels and sacristies. A key part of the cathedral is the Tomb of Christopher Columbus. His proven remains are stored inside a raised coffin with four statues as “pallbearers” that represent four former Spanish kingdoms (each were separate of each other) of Castille, Leon, Aragon and Navarra.
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Reales Alcázares

Queen Isabella also spent a fair amount of time in the beautiful Reales Alcazar palace in Seville. In fact, one of my favorite gardens in the Reales Alcazar is the Princes Garden, so named because it was the garden Isabella looked out on as she gave birth to her son. Christopher Columbus was received by Isabella and Ferdinand at the Palace Alcazar when he returned from his voyage to America. His tomb and remains are located at the nearby cathedral of St Mary of the See (in Seville), which is one of the largest cathedral in Europe, with ceilings that soar 121 feet high. Its remarkable vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, and 5 lavish naves certainly make it one of the most magnificent cathedrals in Europe. Like the Alhambra, the Reales Alcazar has been home to many monarchs (both Christians and Moors) since the 12th century. The American author, Washington Irving, captured many of the families and drama of Spain’s history in his wonderful book Stories of the Alhambra which he wrote whilst living there (he was the last person to actually live on site in Granada). A great read and wonderful background if you are planning a visit.
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About Seville

These 7 days literally flew away for us. We kept discussing what we’d missed. We wanted to stay each place a little more, but we also wanted to explore more places.You know what we were living with?THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT

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Best time to visit Seville is from December to June


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