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By now I was five kilos healthy and making our way to Shenzhen....

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After such an elaborate afternoon meal, the trip to Shenzhen seemed far from what I had thought it would....

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Shenzhen is a beautiful travel destination. Having its border with Hong Kong, many tourist from other side come here for a day visit as well. People come to Shenzhen to shop as well, you have huge malls which cater to many shoppers for different varieties of products they sell. It is a financial destination as well as it has Shenzhen stock exchange and other prominent departments. As Shenzhen is a tourist destination you get to see many tourist be it European, Americans or of neighboring countries as Singapore, Thailand and India. There are many attractions in Shenzhen apart from the business district, you have places like Window of the world where you see all the major monuments in a small scaled sizes, you have the zoo, then you have amazing shopping districts where you get to local shopping products.
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许留山's curried fishballs, cuttlefish and radish! Love this, curry wasn't that spicy though but super tasty! Wanted something hot for supper so I got Taro Paste with Chestnut. Not the healthiest but definitely very flavourful! Love how it was filled with chestnut (like those peeled packet chestnuts you get outside) and soft yam cubes. Sinfully good! Damage (cant remember price for Yu Dan): HKD35 Rating: 8.5/10
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