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and Shenzhen... and then finally to Shenzhen... and making our way to Shenzhen.... Shenzhen was a delight...

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in Shenzhen Accommodation for 2... Lunch City Tour of Shenzhen... for a comfortable stay. Day-3 Shenzhen... to Shenzhen, heaven...

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许留山's curried fishballs, cuttlefish and radish! Love this, curry wasn't that spicy though but super tasty! Wanted something hot for supper so I got Taro Paste with Chestnut. Not the healthiest but definitely very flavourful! Love how it was filled with chestnut (like those peeled packet chestnuts you get outside) and soft yam cubes. Sinfully good! Damage (cant remember price for Yu Dan): HKD35 Rating: 8.5/10
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Tokyo Stock Exchange

We arrived on time in Tokyo Stock Exchange, but because the security on the front door need to check us one by one before entering to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, made us 5 minutes late from the schedule. Tokyo Stock Exchange is very quiet and only a few people were there. It has a very unique architecture design, full of glass and it has a big display of the price’s stock. The employee explain to us about how the Stock Exchange works, and some theory and application if we want to invest in stocks. After the tour, we had a simulation about Stock, and guess what? I rank number 2 ! I was shocked at myself, because I didn’t really know about stocks, I just read what’s on screen and go with my instincts. Guess I really have a good instinct, am I not ?
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