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We reached our guest in Sona nado range inside Jim Corbett after an enthralling safari of nearly two hours.... The guest house was British era type old but antique... A word about guest rooms.... These are government guest rooms so no very well equipped but full of all basic amenities... The forest guards and caretaker are very helpful people.... They will help you more than you can expect. The guest house is surrounded by elctrified barbed wire as the tigers are very frequent visitor of that place... The network is not at all available. hence, true escape from world and routine without any hindrance... For whole evening we relaxed with a sweet tea made of Chula by the caretaker and enjoyed in our company... As the dusk shadowed the jungle... We moved out for night safari in our gypsy. Although not officially allowed but can be managed by requesting forest guards in lieu of making calls to home about the safety of ourself... Since it's quite dangerous in night you have to be more contious in night.... After making quick calls at network catching places we moved more ahead for night safari which was full of thrill and fear... Although we couldn't see much of animals but the whole aura was itself an experience to remember....The DinnerThe guest houses are equipped with the essentials but if you want to have meals then one need to carry raw material themself. Aware of the fact we carried our own raw material and having nothing much to do... Went upto treating dinner to ourselves. There was no gas at the guest house but a chulla. So we prepared our food at chulla itself. It's always quite an experience to do thing in  traditional way. Preparing food on a chulla is one of them. As we were not so much of chef and aware of our abilities in cooking, we made maggi along with ready to eat pav bhaji... But yes you can always like anything prepared by your own hands no matter how is it in reality...Being a jungle location with frequent power cuts we had a candle light dinner and went out for a small walk inside the boundary of the guest house... The sky always look different from jungle... Totally different... With the clear stars without any smog screen one can see all the constellations in the sky visible from our hemisphere. You wont know when the time will pass while star gazing... And then with all these pleasant memories you can fall of to bed.

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