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Trek Day 1 - Sankri to Juda Ka Talaab - Ascent : 2700 ft - Distance : 4kms - Time : 4 hoursActual trekking started from this day , from Sankri (6400 ft) to Juda Ka Talaab (9100 ft) base camp. During this 4 km trail one can experience the beauty of lush meadows, dense pine forests, cascading beautiful streams, and gorgeous maple trees -but everywhere it was full of snow.After 2 kms , the snow increased and we were trekking through 3-4 inch snow. It took us around 4.5 hrs to reach our campsite which was around 100 mtrs before Juda Ka Talaab. We took a walk to the lake and It took us by surprise that Juda Ka Talaab was totally frozen , under a sheet of thick ice and snow.
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Mythology: One of the most famous temples in India, this is built in the same place that Duryodhana tried to burn down Pandava's home in exile, Lakshagriha. But the valley continues to worship Duryodhana as their king and follow age old polyandrous culture. The women here enjoy liberation unknown to us in metropolitan cities and can divorce/choose their partners without societal pressure. The people are in fact some of the nicest you will meet in the country.
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So we reach Dehradoon around 5.30am. The Traveller was ready to take us to Sankari and we were too.The roads were like roller coaster..except for few episodes of nausea and vomiting the journey was smooth. Around 6.00pm we were at sankari base camp.After introduction and briefing about the trek and dinner we went to respective rooms provided to us. It was super cold. The blanket was so cold it took courage to get into the bed. Finally after few deep breath I collected all the courage I had and jumped into bed and i felt chill till my spine,i was shivering whole night. From 30 ° c it went to 7 degree in one day.
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