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Day 5 Tel Aviv | Netanya We went to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem which was transformation from a historical city to an industrial city....

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We ended up being in Israel on Tel Aviv's biggest night...White Night! The whole city comes alive on their annual White Night with hundreds of free, outdoor concerts and performances until 4am in the morning. Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets to celebrate, drink and have fun. Who cares about John Legend when you have White Night in one of my favorite places in the world???
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Day 4- The beautiful view of the Marina and Gordon Beach
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K. Get your visa stamped for Israel on your bus to Tel Aviv: Keep your passport on you when you take a bus to Tel Aviv to get an Israeli visa stamped. Tel Aviv’s shoreline is one to fall in love with! Take a memorable bite of the Mediterranean at the famous Banana beaches and Jaffa Promenade. Do-O-meter rating: 6/10 (A difficult place for backpacking given the baleful of con men, nevertheless cheap & a lot of fun!) Dough in the pocket rating (from India): 8/10 (Just a teeny meany hole in the pocket!) Visa hassle rating: 10/10 (Fairly fairly fairly easy to obtain.)Gape awestruck at the finery of the Egyptian Papyrus at the famous museum, wander and haggle and have a cup or two of the traditional Koshary tea with the locals in the Khan Al Khalili marketplace.
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