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We stopped at Thangu (a village in the north, not to be confused with Changu, a lake in East Sikkim), which is at 14,500 ft. That break in the road, along with Maggi and coffee was much needed. After an hr of resuming our climb upwards, we reached the final Indian Army checkpoint of our journey at 15000 ft. The café operated by the army here is considered to be one of the highest-built cafés around the world. The checkpoint comes right after we cross the tree line--an imaginary line beyond which, trees cannot grow. From here on, the only vegetation you'll notice is lots of moss and lichens. These too, disappear after a bit and you are left with barren Himalayan topography.

Best Time To Visit Thangu Valley

Best time to visit Thangu Valley is from April to June and from September to October

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