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Our first major attraction of Wayanad was “Thirunelli temple”. Set over a cliff, this temple makes one spellbound as one gets inside further. On approaching, one can see the idol situated within a dark structure. As we walk down the staircase to the waterside, the beauty says it all. A place to deposit the ashes of mortal remains, the waterside area is actually very peaceful and surrounded by green trees and rocks with water flowing over them gently. The premises of the temple is quite big, incorporating the shops with display of local and famous Kerala products like spices, wooden articles, nettipattam (a wall hanging similar to what elephants a made worn during festivals) etc. It is said that elephants often come to drink water from this place. The risk reduces, if there is parade of elephants but if there is a single elephant then one needs to be very cautious as this mighty animal might go wild and become dangerous.

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