Toranmal Hill Station Tourism & Travel Guide

There is something exciting about unexplored hill stations and Toranmal is one of them. Pocketed in the Satpura Hills, this virgin beauty is perfect to snuggle into the mountains in cool comfort. The charming Akka Rani Mahal on Dhadgaon Road, on your way to Toranmal, will give a head start to the beautiful town that waits ahead. The ever-blooming lotus flowers in the Lotus Lake add a different hue to the green ranges of Satpura that encircle the region. The Sita Khai Waterfall that rolls down from a cliff nearby completes the scenic frame of the lake, also known as Kamal Talao. A trek to the Kadki Point, amidst the lush green valley, is simple yet picturesque and at its best during sunset. In addition to nature’s bounty, the ancient temples of Toranmal bring a diversity to the nature excursions. The 600-year-old shrine of goddess Torna is believed to be the one after whom the land is named. The natural cave of Machhindranath is rumoured to be the meditating place for Sage Machhindranath. A rustic and isolated temple dedicated to him stands nearby. You can stay at the Toranmal Hill Resort and other forest department guest houses for a great experience. This relaxed and laid back hill station is best enjoyed when visited during the monsoons and is a perfect escape from the heat of the Maharashtrian inland.
Best time to visit Toranmal Hill Station is from September to March
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