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Often called mini Goa due to its many beaches, Vasai is a fortified town located north of Mumbai. The major attraction here is the Vasai Fort, built by the Portuguese to strengthen their navy. The town in full of historical and religious significance and natural beauty is all around. The Rangaon Beach and the Gorai Beach are great beaches with clean coastlines. A walk around town will bring you to a few churches that bear heavy resemblances to the ones in Goa. But the unmissable attraction is the Vasai Fort, which is best explored in a leisurely fashion with a group of friends. A church with an empty altar will lead you to the several staircases, pillars, dilapidated walls and finally to the top from where the Arabian Sea looks nothing short of magical. And if you want a little more adventure, visit this historical fort at dusk and get ready to be spooked.

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The top also offer a fantastic view of the nearby Vasai fort and Arnala fort....

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Mumbai to Vasai Road distance – 66 kms Nearest Station – Vasai Road One can take a ‘Virar’ local to commute to ‘Vasai Road’ Station....

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Rangaon Village, Vasai
Can't call it as an adventure because i stay about 15 mins away from Rangaon beach at vasai. However it was a normal day, me and my other friends were wasted and had nothing to do. We ended up riding to the rangaon beach which is a very remote beach and quite away from vasai.So when we entered the beach it was low tide and we took the bikes almost near the water and parked them over there, clicked a few pictures and started playing football and after about 15 minutes we realised our bikes were in water (10%) and the tides were hitting the shores very quickly. All of my friends easily took their bikes near the entrance however, the rear tire of my bike was stuck in the wet sand and we tried almost every thing to take it out which by now was almost 20% in the water. A local fisherman later helped us with a rope which helped us pull out the bike from the water. The Tiring Day ended up at The Zeal restaurant which is quite famous in Vasai near suruchi beach.Outsiders may find it a little difficult to reach rangaon beach, recommend time to visit the beach is after 5:30PM or before 9:00AM
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Adya Shankaracharya Temple Bus Stop, Nirmal Rd, Nirmal, Nalasopara West, Nala Sopara, Maharashtra 401201, India
3. Shankaracharya temple – The more enthusiastic travelers trek through the hill rather than driving to famous Shankaracharya temple situated atop Takht-e-Suleiman hill. You need not be a religious person to visit this devout Hindu pilgrimage destination. Visit it for its architectural beauty and the view it offers.
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