31st Oct 2019

1. The food market at Taipa Village is the best place for foodie's.

2. The fact is, the place which has world's highest Bungee Jumping, Hong Kong, is only 62 km away.

3. See beautiful flowers at Macau Lotus Flower Festival.

4. Have a Venetian shopping experience, with gondola rides and flowing water.

5. Enjoy the many performances across the city like opera, dance, lights and sound show, water show etc.

6. Take an evening stroll at Senado Square.

7. Fawn over lotus flowers at the Macau Lotus Flower Festival.

8. Enjoy great tastes in Wine and Grand Prix Museum.

9. Explore the military ambience of Fortaleza do Monte.

10. Take a relaxing stroll on Hac Sa Beach, with one of most photogenic sunset.

11. Get mesmerized by lotus view of Kun Iam Statue.

12. Some relaxation at St Lawrence Church.

13. Excited for Macau Canidrome Club, only greyhound racing venue in Asia.

14. The urban parks of Macau are quite a sight.

15. The beautiful beautiful beach of Hac Sa.

16. The presence of so many photography places, which makes it any photographers dream.

17. Casino night in Studio City!

18. Visit Flora Garden, a European style garden which is considered as Macau's largest public park.

19. My favorite which is a must visit, explore the Venetian Macau Casino.

20. I feel it is The Las Vegas of Asia! A must place to visit.

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