5 things to remember for female travellers #Traveltips


Whether you travel with friends, your partner or solo, being a woman you should be careful about certain things. No, I ain't gonna tell you typical safety tips, because that, we are already aware of. But there are few things, which are equally important to consider apart from safety point of view.

1. Less is more for packing

Every woman on this planet has a shortage of clothes in her wardrobe at this moment! But magically when it comes to packing for any trip, we always end up packing a lot more than what's actually required. At a times it gives you leverage to click amazing pictures with new clothes at every new destination, But. If you are travelling alone, it is the big time pain to carry your own luggage!

So when it comes to packing, keep it minimum. Try to pack the outfits which can be mix matched and paired with multiple other outfits.

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2. Budget travel is best, but safety is utmost priority

Couple of my very good female friends had been on a trip to South India few months back. They booked a stay in a place where they had never been to and just wanted to explore. It's almost late afternoon when they reached. The location was at very secluded place in a village, surrounded by dense trees and one had to cross a river to reach. The cottages were made up of bamboo with no door locking facility. Both my friends sensed a weird vibe but since it's an evening they decided to stay. At night when they went for dinner in their open kitchen area, they could see dim lights and a weird smoke all over. There were barely any guests who were lying around and house keepers had a strange gaze. Within a moment they realized, they were at a wrong place. Without taking even a sip of a water, they went back to seek help from the cottages next to them and realized those guests had already checked out and it's just both of them! They tried to check out but the staff didn't allow to do so!! Frantically, they went back in their cottage, arranged their luggages parallel to the door, locked themselves from inside and started calling their Auto driver. Somehow they managed to connect with him, and called him for their rescue. In couple of hours, their Auto driver came along with his brother, rescued them and at midnight they went at the Auto driver's house where his wife and mother helped them to get back to the normal state.


A lot of sites and hotels give you big discounts and offer stay at cheaper rates. It's good to utilise offers but definitely not by comprising over safety. Before booking any stay or commutation, always check the reviews and verify. At a times it's always recommended to spend some extra money and be safe.

3. Walk with confidence, even if you are scared

The easiest way to understand someone is to read their face and observe their body language. The moment, your face reflects slight expression of fear, you invite trouble. Even if you are scared, do not let it reflect through your gestures. Remember, to keep them at safe distance with confidence and not let them take your advantage.

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4. Be prepared for worst situation

A year ago I went solo for an overnight camping outside city. It's a camping with bunch of strangers. Campsite was inside a forest and was surrounded by mountains. There's only one road amidst forest, at the end of which the campsite was located. And on top of that, the area had no mobile network.

As I was on the way to the campsite, I kept observing the route and in my mind I remembered some landmarks and calculated approximate time it would take, just in case if I have to walk or run all the way back till the main road and seek help!

Today, I laugh at it. But it's required in that situation. I was on camping with strangers, who fortunately, later turned out to be wonderful people but what if I had to face some worst situation?

Point around here is, always be ready for unforseen circumstances when you are travelling.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

At first, never let a situation come, where you will need dependency. And unfortunately if such situation comes up, then don't be hesitant! If you need help, ask for it. If you see something is going wrong, speak about it. Be vocal. There's no need to be ashamed, or afraid to ask for help. But at the same time, make sure you are asking help from genuine sources.

At the end, you just have to be kind and nice because in a circle of life, you always receive what you give. Happy travelling :)

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