5 Travel Ideas to Add to your Travelictionary


With traveling come possibilities; the leeway to open up, to discover, to learn, to immerse, to dream and to love.

So, whether you’re the one who suffers from an extreme sense of wanderlust or someone who is intent on roaming around, only to experience a difference aspect of life and existence, you need to go about a few exciting travel ideas and applications that can make it all the more comfortable, interesting and fulfilling for you. Below are a few travel concepts that you must add to your Travelictionary, right now.

  1. Foodspotting: They say foodspotting is the omnivore’s Wikipedia. In general, foodspotting is a food social-networking website and an app where you can find and share your favorite foods. It’s not the regular ‘finding-the-best-restaurant-where-you-go’ kind of an app, but you can actually discover your favorite food or the finest stuff to order when you’re somewhere out there in an unfamiliar place and need some great recommendations. It’s a community not only of foodspotters and friends but also of food experts. Ah! This can be your savior, dear foodies!

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  2. WorkAway: This is just the right thing for you if you’re a traveler, with a little less money but an intense desire to travel, work, meet people, go on long-term backpacking trips and volunteer in new places. WorkAway is an organization that provides you with an exhaustive listing of travel job offers and enables you to contact hosts that might want your services in different parts of the world. What’s even better is that you can connect with other WorkAwayers through their in-site social network.

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  3. Nightswapping: Nightswapping is usually considered an innovative and fresh perspective in the domain of travel that’s slightly comparative to the idea of couchsurfing. The concept here is that you allow travelers to stay with you and for every night that they stay over, you build up credits which you can use later when you wish to travel somewhere and need a place to reside. The count here is based on the number of nights and hence the name, nightswapping. It’s a fascinating scheme initiated by Cosmopolit Home. Also, it’s super safe because all properties are inspected by the organization before putting them up for nightswapping. Consequently, it gives you an amazingly cheap, interesting and socially connected option to travel more and travel well.

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  4. Homestays: Over the last few years, homestays have gained immense popularity with travelers who don’t just want to go round a place but also want to live through its essential culture, identity and beauty. A homestay is typically a fraction of a local’s house which is rented out to travelers on a per day basis. Most homestays also include servings of homemade food, authentic to the place you’re in. Unlike hotels and Bed N Breakfast options, the whole inspiration behind a homestay is to make you feel at home even when you are in a distant land.

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  5. Couchsurfing: The idea behind couchsurfing is to establish a connection between travelers who stay at each others’ houses and share their lives, their journeys and experiences. Couchsurfing is thus a community of about 10 million people spread over 2,00,000 locations which allows you to register as a traveler, stay with a local in his or her home and offer your services as a host when someone from another city or country visits your town. It’s a particularly cheaper substitute to standard tourist accommodations and gives you the prospect to know other traditions very closely.  

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