10 ways to get paid to travel the World

Photo of 10 ways to get paid to travel the World by Somdutta Sarkar

‘I need a break! Let’s go somewhere.’

‘I wish I could travel 365 days without worrying about paying rent!’

Sounds familiar? We, who simply love travelling but are pulled sometimes due to the burden of the routine life and expenses, often wonder as to how can we simply travel and earn at the same time. Today, in the 21st century there are lots of ways to get paid to travel the world. Thanks to the internet ofcourse! For those who seriously want to travel and earn simultaneously, here are the options to choose from. Have a look.

Travel Blogging

If you are a good writer and can express well about your travel stories, then travel blogs are a way to earn. Have your own blog and pen down whatever information you got with your experiences. Uniqueness and originality is preferred since people can connect with the same. But in this case, it takes quite some time to get established fully into it.


Online freelancing is the most flexible option. If you are good in any particular field you can charge on hourly basis based on the work. It can be anything starting from content writing to consultancy. You might want to check this out for freelance options.

Local part time jobs (specific to different countries)

Now, this is interesting and sometimes fun activity too which might pay you good amount at certain cases. The place where you are traveling, you can checkout for some activities which need a helping hand, like organic farming, gardening, poultry, minor construction etc. This is also a good way to have new experiences at certain jobs that you never thought might do in life!

Speak good English

If you are reading this article then obviously you know English. But go a step further and if you have a good grip on Grammar and command over this language then you can get the opportunity to teach at various places and countries where people look forward to learn English. Hence, you can earn on the go.

Helping Hand

If you are good in helping others, then there are options where you can offer to help and get paid in return. These include – helping someone in their homestays, day to day routine works, handling guests at their farmhouse, helping in surveys of any kind and many more. Generally the timing varies 4-5 hours a day as per the requirement and those people want travellers who could offer a helping hand too. Since, it’s not a permanent thing and the flexibility is also good enough along with the pay.

Tour Guide

Most simple, become a tour guide. If you have good knowledge about the place, history and culture, you can share the same knowledge with other travellers and tourists. This brings in good amount of money too.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

Volunteers are offered food and accommodation. Many people volunteer for the opportunities and flexible terms of WWOOF. It is not exactly an earning, but an excellent way to travel without much affecting your bank account. Also you get to meet a lot of like-minded travellers.


Bea flight attendant. Most of the places would be covered wherever the route takes you. It’s an excellent way of earning who can manage the long hours in the air.


Work for a cruise line. You will get to visit some of the most exotic locations along with all facilities provided to crew members with all expenses paid for you.

Destination wedding photographer

This is for the artistic group of people who have special interest in photography. Needless to say this requires a bit of skill and should be a professional or exceptionally good photographer. The clients want beautiful and exotic locations mostly and all expenses paid for you along with a handsome earning.

Along with all these there are some sites which provide stay options and cultural exchange through meeting with the travellers across the globe – Couchsurfing , Workaway , etc. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next destination. Happy travelling!