7 Ways to Shake up your Christmas and New Year Festivities this Year!


“When the world is same, try to be different,” said someone whom I can’t find on Google. Christmas does not have to be all about Turkeys, Trimmings, and the Snowmen. It can be different. Leave behind the tacky Christmassy sweaters and the big feast and head to the road to spend it by trying one of these alternate ways to spend your Christmas and New Year.

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Surfing in Hawaii: Think of Hawaii and you think of surfing and the waves. So, this festive season hit the waves rather than huddling around the hearth because that is what most people in Hawaii do. From pros and world-class surfers to amateurs and first timers, everyone heads to Hawaii for swells of more than 30 feet. For the festive season lovers, Honolulu’s annual City Lights event brings Rockefeller Center vibes to Hawaii. Think brash decorations, a brightly lit tree, and carols. Whether you end up surfing or stuffing your tummy, you can still squeeze in few hours of post-Christmas dinner sunbathing.

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An Antarctic cruise for Christmas and New Year: Christmas and New Year in Antarctica? Really? Why? Surprised or shocked? But why not? Imagine celebrating Christmas and New year with penguins, elephant seals and the Antarctic summer in full swing. Glaciers shed ice with an echoing roar and waterways are alive with feeding and breaching whales. Zodiacs whisk you on a whale watching cruises and amongst glorious icebergs. The near-midnight sun powers an explosion of life. What an unforgettable way to celebrate Christmas and start the year! For the festive season lovers, if weather allows, take a hike on Winter Island and build a snowman at an old British Antarctic Survey hut.

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Christmas and New Year safari in Namibia: Celebrating two of the biggest festivals on this planet in the company of some of the Africa’s largest animals, how does that sound? Exciting and ethereal. Throw in huge views of the Etosha salt pan and the chance to drive through the magical red desert in the far south and this is a festive adventure as far removed from mince pies and wintry walks as you can get. For festive season lovers, Namibia’s status as a former German colony means finding traditional festive treats isn’t a struggle. Bars in the capital Windhoek serve up warm glühwein, despite the scorching summer weather.

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Fake snow and Christmas lights in Hanoi: World may take a break on Christmas but Hanoi doesn’t. Christmas in Hanoi a bit strange; it is a foreign holiday in Vietnam, but everyone seems to get into the festive spirit and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Vietnamese need an excuse for a party, and celebrating Christmas and New Year is the best one. From tacky decorations, fake snow blown across parks to snowmen lit up outside every shop, the city comes alive with festivities.

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Tango in Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires is so full of tango and it is much more than the typical tourist experience. Christmas celebrations start on December 8, but Christmas eve is when you must be in town. This is the main day for celebrations and what is better than spending it in a Tango show. So, loosen up and throw away the shyness, rush to Buenos Aires and do the Last Tango of this year there. For the festive season lovers, Buenos Aires does New Year fireworks like nowhere else. Armed with rockets, locals take the DIY approach, spending the minutes after midnight lighting up the city sky. Find a safe spot, look up and marvel.

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A four-week festive party in Fiji: Public Holidays in Fiji reflect the country’s diversity. Each major religion has a public holiday dedicated to it. So very few places indulge in festivities better than Fiji does. It begins two weeks before the big day and continues for 2 weeks after it. The local communities gather together to decorate their villages and perform ritual dances. Feasts are prepared in a traditional way which includes garlic chicken, cassava and palusami. If you do end up in Fiji, keep an eye out for Santa plying the beaches, handing out presents from his tropical sleigh, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a speedboat.

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Beach Vibes in Syndey: Escape the frostiness of the North Pole winter and head to the warm South Pole summer, Sydney to be specific. Just imagine the sheer novelty of having a barbeque rather than a gut-busting roast dinner come mid-afternoon and add to it, Sydney’s first-rate surfing. Now that is a great way to spend your Christmas and New Year. And on the New Year, enjoy spectacular fireworks from the Sydney Opera House without the need to wrap up in layers to fight off the midnight chill.

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