9th Sep 2017

I woke up as usual this Sunday thinking that it would be another lazy Sunday, but my dad gave us a surprise by asking us to get ready before 8:00 AM (the time when I usually don't even get ready for school on weekdays), but like always he didn't tall us where we were going. He is adept at springing surprises!

He usually takes us to multiplexes for watching movies of different languages so that we appreciate the beauty of languages and cultures of India. I thought that it was another movie day at Prasad's Multiplex, but my father took us straight to C T E (Central Training Establishment) at Begumpet. It was an Air India Establishment where the pilots were trained. There we entered the cockpit simulator. This was the first time in my life I had seen a simulator. Leave aside seeing, I had not even heard or read about it before. It was such a real experience of cockpit. We were literally transported to an ethereal world of flying. We went to Singapore,New York,Dubai, Shamshabad,Delhi airports. WOW! I visited so many Countries even without a passport or visa. There were two pilots learning how to fly. The uncle showed us how to fly under different circumstances like rain, thunderstorm night, day, dawn and dusk etc. There were many things more but because of lack of time we couldn't. But he promised us to show the remaining things next time we visited.

On the way back home, my mom was unwilling to go home, rather she wanted to go out some where, and so my dad took a turn and we went to Sanjeeviah Park on Necklace Road. It was a beautiful park, with a butterfly garden and a rose garden. Lovely place to spend your sundays with family and friends.

We came home completely happy after spending a good sunday. Should I still call it Lazy?

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