#BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand

2nd Nov 2017

#BestOfTravel If you guys like to ride motorbikes and planning to visit Phuket soon, then I would suggest planning a half day out of your schedule for a must visit to the #BigBuddha.

Day 1

Here is a glimpse into a short video:

It's around 25KM from the famous Patong beach near the Mangla road a.k.a Walking street of Phuket. You can rely on the Google map with a local SIM card, which hardly cost few dollars and can be book online. The roads are well maintained for most of the stretch but still, i would suggest only experienced riders to go by the 2 wheelers. The roads have some unexpected ups and down which needs a perfect timing on the gear shifting unless you rent an automatic vehicle.

Photo of #BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand by Kapil Kumar

You can get the automatic scooters very easily in Phuket, almost at each shop/beach or restaurants.

The rent may start around 250-350THB for the 150CC, whereas they may charge 350-500THB for 200CC. If you are willing to rent a manual motorbike, it may rent as much as 1500THB+ for 600 or 800CC. You may have to be little patience to do bargain, especially if you hire for a week or 3-4 days.

Few tips:

-As per Thai law, they expect IDP (International Driving Permit) for driving in the Thailand. I took chance on relying on my Indian license in case I get stopped. Try not to break any rule, follow the lane, don't park with places having red/white strips on the footpath, always wear helmets.

-Record the fuel level and request them to mention on the receipt. You may have to fuel up before returning the vehicle. In case the petrol level is slightly below the mark, they may accept it.

-Some vendors ask to deposit the original passport, which I would suggest to avoid. Even I end up giving original passport as he didn't agree, but luckily nothing happened when I returned the vehicle.

Try to request them to just take a photo instead of submitting original passport as I managed the other day.

-Few vendors don't have the full insurance, so in case of an unfortunate event, you may have to pay the full cost. I strongly suggest finding a vendor which include insurance too, even it may cost few bucks extra.

-Make sure you click photos of the vehicle while taking delivery so that vendor may not demand money for any existing damage or problem.

-Note down the vendor phone number and verify the return time/date availability.

I picked up 200CC automatic scooter which was good enough to climb up the hills with a pillion rider too. It cost me 350THB as I picked from the street near the Patong beach instead of renting from the vendors sitting on the beach :)

Photo of #BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand by Kapil Kumar

The scooter had some space near speedometer which was perfect for placing my phone which made my ride much easier as I could follow the google map. It took around 1 hour till we reached the top, there is enough parking space for even cars without any fee.

Photo of #BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand by Kapil Kumar

The view from the top is amazing, the Big Buddha is a remarkable landmark which can be seen even far away from the sea. I took plenty of pictures of all the angels with few videos/timelapse. Though it still seems to be der construction, it's a nice place to go for an early morning drive and find inner peace within.

Photo of #BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand by Kapil Kumar

You can buy souvenirs or herbal products, the most of the money is used for charity work.

While coming back, you can stop at the Tiger Kingdom to see the big cats up close. The ticket price varies from Small to Big cats, I paid 1300THB per person to play with a small cub.

Photo of Tiger Kingdom Phuket ตำบล กะทู้ Пхукет Таиланд by Kapil Kumar

Few people may not see this as a way to promote Wild Life,:) But I am glad to visit the Tiger Kingdom Phuket to get to know these magnificent animals up close They are well-taken care, fed, nourish and treated as a part of the family. It's sad to see in cages, (even the big cages) but on the positive way to see them playing in the playground and seeing in the happy and healthy state. I hope you can visit Phuket soon and enjoy these wonderful places :)

Photo of #BestOfTravel A short bike ride to #BigBuddha #Phuket #Thailand by Kapil Kumar