Thailand Tourism and Travel Guide

Famous for its tropical islands, sacred temples and ancient ruins, Thailand tourism has grown drastically with the country becoming a major tourist attraction. In the heart of the country lies Bangkok, a must-visit place known for its glittering temples, attractive palaces, engaging markets and legendary nightlife. Among the plethora of places to visit, make sure you stop by the Grand Palace in Bangkok which houses the current monarch of the kingdom. An amazing fact about Thailand tourism is that one-tenth of the entire population of Thailand lives in Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest city in Thailand. Most travellers will also wind up in the old city of Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand. Ten miles out of this city lies the golden temples of Wat Doi Suthep at the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park; a popular way of getting here is on a rental scooter. As an alternative to Chiang Mai, visit the province of Isaan for a taste of authentic Thai culture and way of living. Koh Samet, Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and many, many islands are dotted off both coastlines of the Thai peninsula, offering enchanting underwater vistas of snappers, rays, and turtles. Another major attraction for Thailand tourism is the whimsical floating market of which the Damnoen Saduak, in Ratchaburi (Bangkok) is the most popular with tourists. And as most people travelling to Thailand do, gorge on the lemongrass and coconut favouring cuisine and make sure you stock up on some fresh local ingredients before you leave. Out of the best things about Thailand tourism, do not miss exploring Floating Markets, Local Festivals, Island hopping, Elephant experience, The Golden Triangle, Martial Arts and Beaches. Thailand tourism has flourished in the last decade as a huge number of travellers want to explore the interiors. This Thailand travel guide highlights the best of Thailand tourism.
Best time to visit

Peak season is from November to February when the weather is dry and pleasant in Thailand.

For Budget Travellers: INR 600 to 1500 a day
For Mid-range Travellers: INR 1000 to 3500 a day
For Luxury Travellers: INR 6000 and upwards
Visa Info

People of most nationalities can travel to Thailand visa free. Thailand offers visa on arrival (15 days) to 19 countries, including India.

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