Ahemdabad, For A Delightful Vegetarian Treat!

2nd Oct 2016
Day 1

It was my one day trip to Ahemdabad. Though I did not fetch much time to explore the city, but the authentic Guju food was on my must to-do-list the day I stepped in to this capital of India's Mahatma. The weather was expectedly dry with some strokes of cool breeze- credits to the Sabarmati River. With the help of some locals and internet information, I decided to barge in this restaurant called Sasuji. There were others on the list too, but the name Sasuji gave me a kick. With an Indian perspective in my mind's background, and Sasuji referring to mother in-law, the walk from my hotel to this restaurant flashed multiple views in my thought processor. The restaurant was on the 3rd floor and there was an elevator with a channel door which reminded me of some 70's bollywood movie. I belong to Delhi, and the advancements in  technology can be seen at much faster pace than what one can relatively observe in other parts of the country, the channel lift doors are now replaced by capsule elevators. So indeed the first glimpse of the restaurant was fascinating. As the lift-man guided me to my much awaited food destination, I could already feel the aroma of Indian spices.

I was seated in the last corner of the restaurant as the seats were already occupied. The waiter placed a big steel plate with multiple little bowls in front of me. I was still wondering if I could eat all that would be served in another few minutes. Then began the royal serving. It started with coriander and mint dip (chutney) along with tangy tamarind dip (saunth). A small little hot kachori stuffed with peas and coconut. The plate slowly and steadily was being filled by delicacies. The range covered Arhar Daal, Potato and Tomato Curry, Boiled sprouted Mooong daal,Spiced Cabbage cooked in mustard seeds, Gujrati Karhi made up of curd, Kheer- a dessert cooked with milk and rice, Pickle, salad, rice, chapati and a side dish called sev.

The food gave a royal knock to my appetite. The uniformity in the serving as I could see on the table next to me, the hospitality of the staff and of course the blend of Indian spices were indeed commendable. As the spices were playing different nodes with my taste buds, the different textures on my plate indeed referred to the concept of Unity in Diversity of Indian social system. I felt proud to have been a part of this colourful nation. The line finisher was the chilled butter milk which helped in settling down the sumptuous food that occupied every possible lane of my digestive system.

A must go food destination for foodies like me.

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I am visiting Ahemdabad for 5 days starting from 25th January to 30th January. What kind of clothes should we pack??
Sun 01 22 17, 11:54 · Reply (2) · Report
Thank you so much..
Mon 01 23 17, 09:14 · Report
hi dear..well for the kind of clothes you should be carrying for Ahemadabad should include a pair or two of comfy jeans, loose tops along with some quilted jackets, mufflers/shawls and sneakers in the foot wear section.. just look at some temperature app before you depart and adjust your warm clothing itinerary accordingly.. Have a great trip n loads of fun..
Mon 01 23 17, 05:48 · Report
true said harish..
Tue 10 04 16, 00:15 · Reply · Report
Glad you enjoyed the Gujrati Thali, I always relish this dish.. as I travel on business to Gujarat. You couldn't believe the different types of Vegie dishes they have.. You don't have to be Non-Veggie..
Mon 10 03 16, 11:41 · Reply · Report