Be a responsible traveller

11th May 2019
Day 1

This is a picture from my recent Deoriatal trek,it may be seen in the picture how some humans with mighty wit  leave no chance to mark their presence by decorating  beautiful mountains and landscapes with the rubbish such as used cans, pet bottles and packets of chips and wiser are those who show their creativity just near the bins. Their inventiveness and vision were beyond our comprehension so we took the responsibility to clear the mess and set an example for our fellow traveller.
I would request to people if you are not able to keep the mountains clean please don't visit mountains because for many mountains are the medium to connect with inner self, for some mountains are the destination to explore their adventure potential, for locals mountains are source of income and for many, the rich fauna of the Himalayas provides them with their medicines.we  as hikers, especially, are not interested in your creativity.
Always carry your trash to the dustbin, prefer it to bring down to basecamp to dump it or if that is too much for you at least use the bins in front of the shops en route, don't litter is around the trashcans.
If you watch someone littering around point it to them, make sure they realise they are doing wrong, restrict yourself and your peers from littering. It is no one but we as an individual who can make our mountains clean, be a responsible traveller, be a responsible citizen and enjoy travelling

Photo of Be a responsible traveller by Ayush Joshi