Are you a responsible traveller? #Responsibletravel

18th Jul 2019
Photo of Are you a responsible traveller? #Responsibletravel by Anisha
Day 1

We all love to travel ,love to explore new places , love to experience different  culture each place has to offer, to try new cuisines  and to collect as many memories we can.

But has anyone asked one self are we a responsible traveller ?
Go through some of the following points  and see where do u find yourself in the list.

**Don't Litter. Keep the place neat and clean.

OK so you love travelling? But  do you ensure to keep the place clean and tidy instead of littering it with the things.
The 1st responsibility  as a traveller is to be pretty sure you don't litter the tourist place.Also for food one must carry paper plates instead of plastic ones.Keep disposable bag  and collect litter in that bag and throw it at a place where you find a bin.

I've heard people saying... Some people don't follow rules so why should I do... But one must start from their own and see the changes happening all around.

** Safety comes first

One must ensure that the place you're visiting is safe for travel and stay. Suitable accommodation  must be selected after going through some genuine reviews online about the location.Also try to take local transportation wherever you wish to travel.

**Purchase items from local vendors

There are many local vendors selling items at such tourist places who's earning depends on us. Try purchasing from them and also try not to bargain much from them.One must also purchase food items from such local shops who provide home made food items which turns out to be the best one.

** Protect Wildlife

Don't feed and harm birds and wildlife.I hope no further explanations are needed for this one.
Also if someone is treating them badly speak up and take corrective actions.

**Follow the rules of place visited

It's better we follow the rules strictly. If the rule says this place is strictly prohibited after sunset it implies you are not allowed to visit and it should be binding on all of us.
We should also try to follow the dress code of particular place visited for example if we visiting holy place.