Binsar Sanctuary - The forest less travelled

25th Jan 2018
Photo of Binsar Sanctuary - The forest less travelled 1/3 by Shakuntala
GMVN TRH, Binsar
Photo of Binsar Sanctuary - The forest less travelled 2/3 by Shakuntala
Photo of Binsar Sanctuary - The forest less travelled 3/3 by Shakuntala
Old temple inside Binsar Sanctuary

2018 started, and I started to long for a trip, a long road trip travelling the lesser travelled places, nothing can beat this experience at least for me.(PS: This is a late post) My husband and I dumped everything required in our car and hit the road at 9pm on a thursday night from Delhi. Initially our destination was Almora, but when we reached almora around 8am the next morning, we found out that we can travel more,to a more remote place with less crowds. This is how energised you feel when you travel to the mountains with purest of air to breathe and so close to nature. So we had breakfast in almora and changed our destination to Binsar, to be more precise, Binsar sanctuary. We reached binsar in 2 hr, needless to mention the drive was least tiring and we were rather enjoying the surrounding. We reached at the entry gate, completed the formalities and then started the amazing part of journey. We drove for almost 40-50 min amidst the forest in narrow roads to reach the FRH. We checked with the caretaker there but it was already booked by some forest official and thus we had to try our luck in the GMVN TRH, which is 15 min walking distance from the frh. We found a room there and checked in. The best part of stay was you get to feel the forest, it is located amidst the binsar sanctuary,British style architecture, cozy clean, comfortable rooms. There is no electricity in the frh as well as the trh after 9pm, so all the guests had to have their dinner by 9pm. Pitch dark surrounding, candles in the room, sound of different insects from the jungle, it all added to the beauty of the forest. Someone who loves forest must try hands to stay at any frh once (it is difficult to get booking there though) or i would highly recommend this GMVN TRH in Binsar. We had lunch and enjoyed every bit of the property, went out for walk in the forest and discovered a village, spent some time in solitude and returned to our Tourist rest house. We had dinner and in some time it was 9pm, the lights went off and with candles everywhere, it was a different atmosphere altogether. Soon it started raining, and we called it a day.

Next day we woke up to a beautiful morning, it was a bit cloudy but the weather was awesome. We had breakfast and went for a long walk in the jungle, visited a temple and headed back. Post lunch we again went out to explore the forest, climbed the watch tower, the highest point in binsar, went to the FRH to get the best view of sunset. Post sunset it started raining again and we two were without umbrella but one powerful torch light, which helped us reach our rest house. We quickly had dinner and called it a day.

Early morning after breakfast and a clear sunrise we checked out and reached Binsar Valley River Camp. It is a very small yet beautiful and secluded campsite. We checked in and rushed to the nearby stream. then we were guided by the owner to a nearby secret waterfall. We enjoyed the day in waterfall and stream and slept off with heavy heart as we had to start early morning for Delhi