Camping and Barbeque at Avati Hilltop

28th Mar 2020
Photo of Camping and Barbeque at Avati Hilltop by Biker Venkat
Day 1

Date : 15/02/2020
I and my friends had an impromptu night camping with barbecue dinner at Avati,Karnataka. Avati is one of the best places to visit around Bangalore. And it's well known for hills and temples.

Our trip started from Silkboard (Place in Bangalore) by bikes in the evening. We had a short ride of around 50km to reach the destination through Hebbal (place on the way to Avati from Bangalore). It almost took 2.5 hours with breaks and it was dark by the time we reached the spot.

Since we decided to have a night stay ,We bought chicken , mushrooms , paneer and other stuffs needed to enjoy the barbeque dinner, also rented a barbeque cooking set from . Since we travel more,we had our own tent kit with us (or you could rent the tents too).

Yeah our favourite spot in avati is very near to the temple ... *Thimmarayaswamy Temple* (just 7 km from Nandhi hills diversion).

We parked our bikes at the temple and a short hike towards the spot with our tent, barbecue set and rucksack unloaded from bike.The spot welcomed us with a chill breeze and made us to take a rest for a while.

Then we had set tent and started preparing the things for the dinner.Having yummy self cooked food amidst the hills with the amazing view of sky,full of stars gave energy shots to your mind.We were feeling light and refreshed.

We woke up early in the morning after a deep sleep at the peaceful place over the hill.We can't explain in words the moment we waited for the sun to rise and looking the sky towards east to capture the moment with our eyes.The slow raising view of red-orange sun and the silence which prevails at the moment make us to realise how beautiful the nature is, and its so special that one must endure.

After refreshing our souls with the mesmerizing moment,We left the place  around 7.30 in the warm weather after wrapping our tent and all our belongings and cleaned the place to leave no trash.

Check out youtube video:

Photo of Camping and Barbeque at Avati Hilltop by Biker Venkat
Photo of Camping and Barbeque at Avati Hilltop by Biker Venkat