ChikMaglaur - A weekend Gateway from Bangalore

2nd Apr 2021

Day 1: We left from Bangalore in morning around 8;30am by our own car. Had breakfast in a Highway-Dhaba. Reached Hotel(Krishna Grand Luxury Hotel). Freshen-up and left for sight-seeing. Started with Hirekolale Lake. Then we headed for lunch/Evn Snacks - Luckily found a hidden-gem(Laxmi Cafe). From there we went to MG Park. Then we left to visit very first Ram Temple of South(KodandaRama Temple).

About Places : -

Krishna Grand Luxury Hotel: I had to choose this hotel as we were late in booking a good homestay. This was the only hotel available near to Mullayanagiri Peak. I checked the google review it has 4.0 rating. I recommended same to a couple friend as they were also planning on same dates. Unfortunately, I missed the calculations and booked 2 Rooms for 2 Adults. I immediately realised and called Hotel staff. The receptionist-lady told me it’s not a problem as I have booked 2 rooms. When we reached there, we were greeted properly. We left for our excursions and visits. When we came back, we were told to pay extra amount since we were 4 adults. I won’t go into deep but we humbly asked for some discount since we had nowhere else to go and we were forced to pay whatever the amount they asked us. Staff were humble though but the owner “Anand Shetty” was very rude and abusive. He didn’t have etiquette to talk to a women let alone his customers. Nevertheless, we paid the amount and stayed. Breakfast was good though it had mostly same menu both the days. Staff was really humble and polite. Rooms were pretty small. There was no proper parking area. Hotel wasn’t maintained well either.

Hirekolale Lake: It had a beautiful path to indulge into the lake view, sunset and sunrise. One can stay there as long as they can and can relish the tranquility. It liked one thing though could be because of COVID but there was no Cafe/Deli available.

Laxmi Cafe: We couldn’t make it for lunch and were famished. We were taking a walk along the food street to pick a restaurant. That’s then I saw Mangalore bun kept over the counter of this cafe. Ergo….. found the hidden Gem of Chikmaglaur. It’s a bijou cafe that reminded me of my good old college days. We had a lot of fun there, connected with staff, kept on ordering Mangalore buns (Served With Chutneys); that everyone(staff, owner, us) lost count. We also tried their veg Thali(Akki Roti, Pappu, Saagu) which was equally good. At the end we had one of the best coffee I could ever have.

MG Park: We were fuelled to explore rest of the city when we visited this park. The park is compact but offers one of the best city view. There is a Toy-Train which will take you for a scenic tour of the City- offers 2 rounds. Fortunately, we took the train exactly at sunset so we saw the city both in Daylight and Night time. Both sceneries were picturesque.

KodandaRama Temple: We were told this is the very first Rama Temple constructed in South India. Temple is in midst of city so it was not difficult to find it. It's a very decently constructed temple.

Day 2: After Having our delicious breakfast. We left to visit famous Mullayanagiri Peak and Jhari waterfall. It’s bit tricky to find both places for first timers. There was no Markings or directions. We didn’t have signals either at top so better save the map beforehand which was a miss by us. We asked a lady from a Roadside cafe, she told us not to visit both areas as both are over-rated and have bad paths. Instead she directed us to an another waterfall but it was clearly a mistake as that route is not safe. So we decided to stick to our original plan and returned to visit Mullayanagari Peak. Finally, we reached the peak and enjoyed it’s mesmerising top view. From there we left for Jhari Falls. We returned our hotel to freshen-up; from there we left to enjoy malanad Food at Chef on Wheels. From there we went for a walk and explored the city.

About Places : -

Mullayanagri Peak: It is said to be the highest peak of Karnataka. The road to the peak is much similar to Nandi Hills. There are Numerous Snack Kiosks at the outset of the trek. I particularly liked veg Maggie from the very first cart I saw(No landmark It was just there before actual parking area). Furthermore, You’ll see other shops too. There are total 464 Steps to the top where you’ll experience galvanic view and feel the chill. At the top there is a “Mulappa swamy” temple.

Jhari Falls: It’s indeed one of the best fall I have ever been to. You can’t take your own vehicle as it’s risky and isn’t allowed either. You’ll get an entire Jeep for 700/- for 5-6 members. Though the route was dusty I enjoyed the ride. It really was hell of a ride. View was awesome. You are allowed to be drenched in water, better carry a pair of slip-on clothes and a towel as there isn’t any area to swap clothes. If you want you can even make to the top of waterfall. Just make sure you are wearing a good trekking shoes. There is a small shop that offers few grubs to keep you warm; don’t expect hygiene :P

Chef On Wheel: They had typical Malanad food menu. It opens in evening around 6:00 clock. One has to arrive early to get choices as by the time we reached which was around 8:00 clock, Most of their items were completely sold out. We had Malanad veg and Non-veg meals. Guys will help you out for the selection. :)

Day 3: We left for Bangalore but not before shopping Coffee products for which Chikmaglaur is famous for. That’s when we came across a beautiful cafe “World of coffee”. I didn't like the coffee we grabbed from famous shops. Since I am a coffee lover, I wouldn't recommend to buy any range of coffee from there. Amazon-StarBucks has better options :D

About Places : -

World of coffee: The front of cafe has a shop and they has a good range of Skin products made out of coffee. There is a path that leads to the cafe. It’s pretty decent place. They brew their own coffee and has different variety of coffee beverages to offer. I also tried their baked cheesecake and Garlic bread bites which were delicious. Coffee products were decent though but you can avoid them if you want; they aren't a must.


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