China's Amazing Harbin Snow and Ice Festival 2021 – An Epic Winter Wonderland


Known for featuring everything from stunning palaces to intricate sculptures, the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival was back providing much to explore amidst a winter landscape.

A Popular Event

The Harbin Snow and Ice Festival is hosted annually in Harbin in north-eastern China. Snow and ice from the Songhua River are transported to several venues where artists make their creations. First held in 1985, the event has grown in popularity and is now the largest ice sculpture festival in the world!

The 2021 Edition

The festival’s 37th edition ran from 5th January to 25th February 2021. While certain activities were cancelled due to COVID-19 guidelines, there was still much to see including a crystal palace and the nation’s first aircraft carrier made from snow. Check daily travel news for information on the 2022 edition which is bound to be just as memorable.

The Ice and Snow World

Situated beside Songhua River’s north bank, the Ice and Snow World was a key place where visitors could enjoy huge creations that were epic in scale; these included buildings and structures, some of which people could walk on or go inside. At night, they were lit up as well adding to their allure.

Other Festival Venues

At the Sun Island venue, visitors to the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival got the chance to see impressive snow sculptures by artists from around the world. Another event venue was Zhaolin Park which featured numerous ice lanterns that were lit up creating a colourful spectacle that could be enjoyed by all.