Scariest Places to Visit in Hong Kong - Spice Up Your Trip by Visiting the Spookiest Spots in the Ci


Among one of the best destinations in the world to travel to and shop at, you might be surprised to hear that Hong Kong is full of strange dark corners that potentially hide some unimaginable horrors. If you’re feeling up for it, go check out these creepy spots dotted throughout the city.

Granville 31

You might have bagged yourself one of the best Hong Kong hotel deals and found accommodations at the heart of the city, but you might not like the fact that a gruesome scene of the crime could also just be a quick walk away. This is the case with this abandoned apartment building which was once the sight of the grisly “Hello Kitty Murder”.

The Murray House

The Murray House was the sight of countless executions by the Japanese during World War 2, and locals claim they can hear the sounds of these restless spirits even now! Reports of eerie noise in the middle of the night are common and there have even been sightings of headless ghosts prowling the land.

The Bride’s Pool

Think twice before choosing this seemingly peaceful lake as the location for a quaint afternoon picnic or stroll. The Plover Cover Reservoir – notoriously called The Bride’s Pool – was the scene of an unfortunate accident in which a bride-to-be fell to her death into one of the many pools located in its vicinity. There have been reports of her ghost haunting the lake ever since.

The White House Compound

This site was once a cruel concentration camp reserved for individuals who were declared as enemies of the state. The legend goes that their tortured screams can still be heard echoing through the walls and that restless spirits wander the ruin at night.