Traditional Dishes of Qatar for Foodies – Delectable Local Specialities


Qatar is a nation not only known for its traditional customs but traditional dishes too. Here are some of the must-have culinary creations for foodies planning a holiday here.


This wheat-based dish is popular amongst locals especially during festive occasions including in the holy month of Ramadan when people break the daily fast. To make it, wheat (coarsely ground or boiled) is mixed with meat and butter and the result is a kind of porridge-like dish that is yummy and filling.


Similar in appearance to biryani dishes, machboos is an all-time favourite in Qatar and features spiced rice mixed with meat; apart from chicken, fish, lamb, camel or beef is used. Depending on where you eat it, you will find rose water and lemon juice sprinkled on top and an accompanying spicy dip too.


Popular in the Middle East, kofta is made with lamb or beef that is ground with various spices as well as garlic and onions. This is then shaped into dumplings, balls or patties and grilled and is usually served with a yoghurt dip, pita bread and salad. Be it at local eateries or 5-star hotels in Doha, it’s well worth trying.

Similar to a stew, thareed features meat like lamb or chicken mixed with various vegetables be it beans, carrots, onions or potatoes as well as select spices and tomato sauce. The base of this dish is the bread which soaks up the heavenly flavours and juices of the mixture making for a wholesome and delectable treat.