Driving along the coast of California

15th Dec 2014

Californian Coast

Photo of Californian Coast by Ruchika Makhija

The Plush Santa Barbara

Photo of The Plush Santa Barbara by Ruchika Makhija

Morro Bay

Photo of Morro Bay by Ruchika Makhija

Fiery Carmel Beach

Photo of Fiery Carmel Beach by Ruchika Makhija

The longest Pier-Pismo beach

Photo of The longest Pier-Pismo beach by Ruchika Makhija

California, the third largest State in the United States, boasts of a Mediterranean climate, sunny beaches and grand cities. Rather than the ‘standard city tours’, one should explore various unexploited getaways along the Pacific Coast. One such place is Point Reyes, 30 miles west of San Francisco. The seashore here is most strikingly beautiful, offering an endless variety of activities for visitors of all ages. The area’s wide-open spaces, winding roads, lush forests and scenic vistas, make for a memorable vacation. The pristine beaches of Point Reyes are some of the most spectacular on the entire Californian Coast. This ‘foggiest place’ in California also boasts of a lighthouse, where visitors can go all the way up and experience the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean lashing against it.

As we move further south we cross the beautiful towns of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay and the famous 17 Mile Drive (home of pebble beach, wonderful cliff homes and a lone Cypress tree). Carmel is another quaint storybook town, with a wonderful beach that can get crowded during the tourist season. Further down, is a little fishing village called Morro Bay, also known for the presence of a large rock at the harbour; the rock is the remnant of a dormant volcano. Going ahead on Highway 101 we reach the very picturesque town of San Louis Obispo, which is also a College town with a pedestrian-friendly downtown shopping district; a creek runs through the middle of the town. One can stay at the famous Pismo Beach, the only beach in southern California on which you can drive! Here you can enjoy Hummer rides, bi-plane rides, surfing and beachcombing.

A trip to the Californian Riviera, Santa Barbara, is a must. It is well-known for its Spanish architecture, palm trees and a year-round pleasant climate. The streets are named after the central characters of the famous soap ‘Santa Barbara’. California is truly an experience, a lifestyle…a state of mind

This lighthouse is in one of the most picturesque places and open to public to visit.
Photo of Point Reyes National Seashore, Bear Valley Road, Point Reyes Station, CA, United States by Ruchika Makhija
A beautiful beach where one enjoys the sun and sand and later can engage in some meaningful shopping
Photo of Carmel Beach City Park, Carmel, CA, United States by Ruchika Makhija
A small town along the californian coast, boasts of a huge rock in the middle of water where one gets to view a glorious sunrise.
Photo of Morro Bay, CA, United States by Ruchika Makhija
The only beach where you can drive. A lovely place to stay and unwind.
Photo of Pismo Beach, CA, United States by Ruchika Makhija
An upscale town, perfect place to stay and relax.
Photo of Santa Barbara, CA, United States by Ruchika Makhija
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