Could Hotels in Thanjavur Give Savvy Global Tourists a Complete Experience?


When we were informed that we would be journeying to Thanjavur shortly for a cultural conference and would be staying in hotels in Thanjavur along with our visitors from overseas, I was a trifle put out because I had envisaged a more globally popular destination in South India for this trip! I certainly did not envisage this particular property in Thanjavur rendering our foreign guests a comprehensive cultural experience. How wrong I soon proved to be!

Hotels near Brihadeeshwarar Temple Thanjavur, offered eager visitors an enormously uplifting and rich cultural experience, through multiple mesmerising activities! From the spiritual experience of chanting of the Vedas by priests with the inherent meanings explained, training to chant Gayathri Mantra and Shanti Mantra to beautiful Chamber concert by vocalists, percussionist and flautists in the classic Carnatic tradition with a discussion on mood evoked by Raga renditions, it was one absorbing activity after the other!

Drawing on their innovative repertoire in rich inter-active experiences and instruction, there was also a novel culinary class organized as a special guest experience with personal training on simple vegetarian local cuisine for nutrition and good health. With lively demonstrations on handloom weaving and bronze casting of the famous lost wax process by master craftsmen, fascinating Thanjavur gem stones inlay painting technique and lecture demonstration on the Thanjavur style of dancing by professionals, it was a great learning experience for visitors staying in hotels near Brihadeeshwarar Temple Thanjavur! With comfortable, air-conditioned furnished rooms and delicious vegetarian cuisine, hotels in Thanjavaur are fantastic to stay in!

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