David Guetta Concert


I use to always hear people saying that it'll be a different experience if you attend a concert abroad (for us, DUBAIII), and I used to think like "Really"?? - Spending triple the amount for a ticket there as compared to in India, how's that worth ppl !Same artist, same songs, I guess this can be managed off over here too, then what's the push !

I would rather stay in a 5 star hotel for a day or rather shop at the Dubai Shopping festival, rather than this!

So let me tell you very proudly, that I was wrong [ouch!]. For all the Dubaicomers (going to Dubai for the first time ;)), a concert should definately be a part of your itinerary.(if and if it's happening :P)

There must be a lot of questions coming your way - firstly and LASTLY WHY:P? If I tell you , a "beach" side concert with some high dazzled lightenings and elctronic musical fireworks (venue - The palm Atlantis Hotel and Beach) with David Guetta just a few feets away (irrespective of the cost paid - they don't have gold, silver , paltinum seats!), and with a crazy "GLOBAL" crowd going nuts(i gotto dance with a Brazilian :P), with a bar along side pourimg off drinks, and also a top side shack view in which anyone can hop in - then why not!

I say it's ABSOLUTELY worth it Ppl! Go ahead and add it on the top of your "exploring" list for Dubai! :)

Check out these clips below and tell me should you or should you not do this!

Pour in if you have any comments or like to know more about Dubai and where to go places!

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Photo of Atlantis, The Palm - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Smriti Zalpuri
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