Daylight - A Himalayan Expedition Travel Film

Photo of Daylight - A Himalayan Expedition Travel Film by Abdullah Saghir Ahmad

My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!

— Edna St. Vincent Millay

With hopes to experience and making a film on the theme of ‘finding self’, I set out for a mountain expedition in the Himalayas. But life had different plans for me on this 14,000 feet trek. Although I got to the experience bit, I lost almost all video footage due to the extreme weather conditions. All the planning, the storyboarding, and the shooting were gone with the wind. In this moment of remorse, I turned to the only constant I knew in a severely distorted personal universe - making art.

I gathered the wreckage of my feelings and turned it into a video. Although this is not exactly the same as I intended to make it in the first place, it still captures the essence of the expression - a traveler seeking solace in the mountains. Trying to find ways to reconnect with self, displaying grit and determination. And accepting that nothing erases the past. There is repentance, there is atonement, and there is forgiveness. That is all, but that is enough.

I hope you like the film. :)