Fireflies, Rajmachi



This time for fireflies.

You probably ended up on this page because you are a friend and I forced you to read this or you are one of the rare species who fed firefly in the Google search engine and I got lucky . Nevertheless, read on.

First things first. Clear your head of all the Google images you have seen of fireflies. They do not look like that. It is just a photographer's awesome job mostly executed at the post shoot edit desk. But hey, do not let this dishearten you. Fireflies are a darling and like most good things in life, they are memorable when one seeks them with no expectations.

Now that I have set the stage right, go ahead and enjoy this Little poem on the awesome tiny things that fireflies are.


This time for fireflies.

Flies with fire in their belly.

Hey, I got some left in mine too.

This time for fireflies.

I tread the pitch dark lanes.

To see them flock that one fortunate tree, all for love.

This time for fireflies.

To see them shine like Christmas lights, but hey its just May.

No they ain't Christmas lights, they are a grand musical light night.

But where is the music you ask again.

It is in the heart. In your heart and in mine.

I dont hear it, you say.

the city lights drowned it I exclaim.

This time for fireflies.

For only love as natural as fireflies can play back your own song in rhythm.

This time for fireflies.

To see lights raining.

This time for fireflies.

To see stars descend on trees on a new moon night.

This time for fireflies.

To sit at the lake and see them shine shy and then bright and then shy again.

This time for fireflies.

To fall asleep not counting stars, but wondering.

Wondering where did they get their fire from.

Wondering what I lost my fire to.

From within. To within.

Go find your fire once again, this time for fireflies.

You are right. That is what they are. Imagine a naturally power string of tiny lights on a tree on a new moon night switching on and off in total rhythm. That is fireflies for you. I bet if you spent more than few seconds gazing at them, they would trick you to believe it is that moment when the universe conspires to grant anything you wish for. There is a Japanese word 'Ruyi' which loosely translates to 'as you wish for'. this was my 'ruyi' moment and yes I did go ahead and wished.

You too may find your 'Ruyi' moment, give fireflies a chance.

This time for fireflies. :)

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