How to roll a Beedi.

Day 4

I was travelling through the villages of Tenkasi and Courtrallam in South Tamil Nadu. After a bare foot trek to Malai Koyyil which is a temple hill, I was famished and relieved to see this small refreshment kiosk in the foothills of the temple. This kind lady animatedly chatted with me though I knew only a few words of Tamil. Language is no barrier when it comes to traveling if you meet the right souls. She was happy when I asked her if I could make a video of her, and here she is radiating as she teaches me how to roll a beedi. What's more, after the cool rose milk drinks I had, she gave me a wad of beedi as a token of appreciation for free ! India is still blessed with people like her.

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Need to learn for sure.. hahaha nice video!
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