It's Okay to Spend All Your Money on Travel! – Do You Know Why?

Photo of It's Okay to Spend All Your Money on Travel! – Do You Know Why? by Rashmi Vanwani

It's Okay to Spend All Your Money on Travel! – Find Out the Reason

It is said that it's not the one who has the most wins. But, the one who has the most experiences wins and is the happiest person. What are you planning to do with the money you saved? You must be planning to buy a new car or other luxury things. But, what is more, luxurious than worthy experiences?

The experiences and journeys give you more happiness than any luxury thing like cars. This has been proved in recent studies. Traveling, gaining fruitful experiences will provide you with pure joy. So, gear up and check why It's okay to spend all your money on travel!

Reasons to Spend All Your Money on Travel

1. Money Can Buy Happiness

Money can indeed buy happiness, and here, pleasure is traveling. So why not travel and be happy? The excitement of buying things may fade off after a time. But, the memories from a trip you took years ago will stay in your hearts forever. They will always make you smile until your last breath.

My Personal Experience: Sometimes, whenever I don't feel right, I remember my past travel experiences. I close my eyes, and all the happy scenes come in front. This is what you call real happiness that instantly puts a big smile on my face.

2. Experiences Are Better Than Material Things

Travelling will surely give you more happiness than your mobile phone, video games or car. You will get happy and feel alive by traveling to new places and meeting new people and trying different cuisines. And what life will you live without any travel experiences?

My Personal Experience: Being a traveler, I feel that having travel experiences is very important for anyone. I got to learn so many new things while traveling. It made me feel more alive and happy.

3. Invokes Inner Wisdom and Makes You Smarter

While traveling, you will meet new people. It will make you deal with people and make you smarter. Wikipedia won't tell the details about a place that you can experience on your own. So travel and become smarter!

My Personal Experience: Before I started traveling, I was not very confident about dealing with people. I was a bit afraid of handling the situations. But, once I started traveling, slowly, I got the confidence to handle any situation smartly.

4. Helps You Discover Yourself

Unless you experience something, you will never get to know what you are capable of. You will not get to know the skills you have. Instead, the actual experiences will make you discover the inner self. Trekking miles on a mountain, meeting new people will help you out to know your strengths.

My Personal Experience: Travelling helped me know who I am. After gaining the experiences, I got to know my actual strengths and weaknesses. It is true that unless you experience something, you will not get to see if you are capable of dealing with it or not. Experiences make you better and stronger!

5. Teaches You How to Take Risks

Travelling teaches you how to take risks successfully. It teaches us to push the boundaries both externally and internally. So while traveling and gaining experiences, you learn to manage risks skilfully.

My Personal Experience: Earlier, I was afraid of the challenges that came in my way while traveling. After getting some experience of traveling alone, I learned how to take any risk and deal with it. Now, if I see myself, I have gained a lot and improved myself in all ways.

Summing Up

Travelling can give you the best experiences and memories. It's okay to spend all your money on travel. This is because saving money for some material junk like electronics and cars can give you temporary joy. But traveling gives you memories for a lifetime.