Tourists Are Now Visiting These Stairs To Recreate The Iconic Scene of The Joker Dancing on Stairs


It's almost the end of 2019 and of course this year has given us new travel trends and many more popular destinations. However, there's one addition on the tourist map that absolutely no one saw coming - the joker dancing on stairs!

These are the iconic stairs from Todd Phillip's Joker located in the Bronx in New York.

In this groundbreaking 2019 movie starring the incredible performer Joaquin Phoenix, his character Arthur Fleck is seen waltzing down these staircase symbolizing his complete transformation into the sinister character Joker. His green hair, an ominous visage, painted face and the tune of Gary Glitter's anthem Rock & Roll Part 2, somehow all forces come together to make this scene one of the most ingenious ten minutes of world cinema history.

It's obvious that some curious fans traced down this location for their own kind of personal pilgrimage. The trend of the joker dancing on stairs caught on and how!

Look for #jokerstairs on Instagram and watch the flood of crazed insta fans dancing down the famous stairs in Jaoquin Phoenix styled abandon. Ok, not exactly with that perfection but here it is!

Now enough people have been there in the last few months since the release of the movie to call this a legit trend, making these stairs a real tourist hotspot.

However the locals are not too thrilled about having to deal with this 'joker dancing on stairs' thing each day, trying to replicate the dark anti-hero dance. Google maps has made it easy for more and more people each day to track down the location.

The stairs located in the 167th street in the Bronx is also not the safest of places to visit. Reportedly, gunshots were also fired the other day which left the visitors stunned.

Turns out this trip to the Bronx you're planning in your head is not that convenient. If you're planning to #instarepeat the 'joker dancing on stairs' trend, go ahead but stay safe.

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